3M Cold Shrink High Voltage Joints & Terminations for Utilities & DNO Contractors

3M Cold Shrink - High Voltage Triplex Joints & Terminations - 11kV - 33kV

3M Cold Shrink : High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

 Scottish Power, CE Electric (NEDL YEDL), Western Power


Today, 3M Cold Shrink dominates the utility market being the perfect partner for polymeric and triplex high voltage cable jointing and terminating up to 33kV.

3M Cold Shrink cable joints and terminations approved for use on Scottish Power network include : straight through, transition, trifurcating, pot-end, branch and loop cable joints and terminations for multi-core and single core 11kV-33kV XLPE, PILC and PICAS cables.

The following 3M Cold Shrink cable joints and terminations to CE Electric (NEDL & YEDL) specification are supplied by T&D UK to DNO high voltage cable jointers and contractors.

Thorne & Derrick UK supply an extensive range of Low and High Voltage Electrical Equipment, Cable Jointing and Cable Containment products to the power utility industry -

  • Cable Lugs & Connectors - Cembre, Prysmian, B&H, Sicame.
  • Cable Glands - CMP, Hawke, Prysmian, Peppers.
  • Cable Support (Basket, Tray, Ladder) - Cablofil, Unitrunk, Vantrunk.
  • LV Cable Joints - 3M, Prysmian & Birkett.
  • HV Cable Joints & Terminations - 3M, Pfisterer, Nexans, Lovink.
  • Heat Shrink - 3M, Hellermann Tyton, DSG Canusa.
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection - Furse, AN Wallis. 
  • Street Lighting - Lucy Lighting, Charles Endirect, Tofco.
  • Feeder Pillars - Lucy Fortress.
  • Plugs & Sockets - Marechal.
  • Jointing Tools - Cembre, Alroc, Boddingtons, Prysmian.
  • Cable Pulling & Laying (Cable Rollers, Socks, Drum Jacks, Duct Rod) - SEB.
  • Underground Cable Protection - Centriforce Stokboard, Centriforce Centritile.
  • Fusegear (LV-HV) - WT Henley, Cooper Bussmann, Lawson, SIBA, Lucy.
  • Cable Transits - Roxtec, MCT Brattberg.
  • Cable Ducting & Duct Seals - Polypipe Ridgiduct, Emtelle, CSD RISE.
  • Cable Cleats & Ties - Ellis Patents, Prysmian, Band-It, Panduit, Hellermann.
  • Electrical Safety & PPE - Catu, Salisbury
  • Cable Fault Location & Cable Pressure Testing - SEBA KMT, Megger.

Adobe Scottish Power - LV 11kV 33kV Cables & Equipment 2013

Adobe 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations, CE Electric (NEDL-YEDL) - Single Core Polymeric 11kV, 22kV, 33kV

Adobe 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Terminations, Scottish Power - 11kV-33kV