CE Electric (NEDL YEDL) HV 3M Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations 11-33kV

3M QTIII Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Termination - Single Core - 11kV 33kv

3M Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

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11kV & 33kV Kits for High Voltage Cables

CE Electric UK are responsible for delivering electricity to over 3.8 million properties across the North East of England, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, operating through their subsidiary companies Northern Electric Distribution (NEDL) in the North East and North Yorkshire and Yorkshire Electricity Distribution (YEDL) in South and East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

3M QT III Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations

Born out of 3M's unparallelled experience in the development of Cold Shrink technology, this premium high voltage cable termination kit offers even more simplicity and flexibility.

The 3M QTIII covers a wider range of cable sizes and types as well as accomodating voltages up to 66kV.

Shorter tails enable this product to fit into a wider range of switchgear and high voltage cables boxes and even less installation steps mean there is less room for HV cable jointer error.

The fact that this is the preferred HV termination solution for more than 80% of the UK power utility companies is testiment to the value that this 3M product brings to the power market.

Thorne & Derrick UK are Approved Distributors of the 3M high voltage range of Cold Shrink Joints and Terminations, 11-33kV as specified by CE Electric and installed by their high voltage cable jointers and contractors.

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CE Electric (NEDL YEDL) HV 3M Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations 11-33kV