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Western Power HV Lovink Cable Joints 11kV

Western Power Distribution (WPD) are the electricity distribution network operator for South West EnglandLovink Cable Joints 11kV HV High Voltage Cable Joints and South and West Wales. T&D are Approved Vendors to all UK DNO's including Western Power Distribution.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) deliver electricity to 2.5 million customers over a 26,000 sq kms service area - the WPD power network consists of 83,000 kms of overhead lines and underground cables and 90,000 substations.

T&D UK can supply the Lovink range of high voltage cable joints for the power cable jointing of 11kV single core, 95-185sqmm-300sqmm, EPR insulated, triplex cables with solid aluminium conductors to BS7870 Section 4.10 - Lovink straight joints, stop-ends, branch joints and loop joints.

Lovink Lovisil Cable Joints : Application...........Lovink Cable Joints 11kV HV High Voltage Cable Joints
Lovink LoviSil K cable accessories are suitable for use on high voltage paper-insulated (PILC or PICAS) and polymeric (XLPE or EPR) cable. Lovink cable jointing system comprises two ways of protection :

HV electrical insulation is inside a polyester inner joint, provided by the combination of a polymeric tube set (primary insulation) and a high-grade silicone-based compound. This compound remains fluid, thus minimising the risk of discharge or dried out paper. When polymeric cables are to be jointed using Lovink cable joints the insulation is completed by fitting high-permittivity stress cones.

HV mechanical insulation is provided by a strong polypropylene outer sleeve filled with a two-part polyurethane jointing resin serving as long-term water block. A copper wire mesh serves as electrical screen.

Lovink Cable Joints - Tests
The Lovink cable joint system has been tested and approved according to HD 628 / EN IEC 61442 and HD 629 (CENELEC). The test was carried out with a water pressure of 20 metres head of water, so that the cable joint also meets NEN 3628 and NEN 3609 standards.

Items Supplied
LoviSil® K cable joints are ordered on the basis of a modular system. There are four modules :

1. Basic module
This module contains all the equipment for the Lovink cable joint - the type of basic module is dependent on the cable sizes, see table below.

2. Resin module
This module contains all filling compounds for the cable joint including the LoviSil liquid.

3. Cable module
This module contains additional items (foam rings, stress cones, etc.) needed to finish the cable preparation. The items in the cable module depend on the cable size and the type of cable :
G = paper-insulated cable
X = 3-core polymeric cable
X1 = 3 x 1-core polymeric cable

4. Stop end module
With the stop end module you can make a end joint of a standard joint by replacing one of the cables by a plug.

Video: Lovink Cable Joints - Lovink Transition Joint 10kV

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