50-95sqmm 11kV Single Core XLPE CTS Cable Termination, 3M 92-EP623-1

3M 92-EP623-1 Cold Shrink Cable Termination - Single Core - 11kV

11kV Cable Termination - Single Core

High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

Single Core XLPE Cable Terminations, Copper Tape Screened 11kV

3M Cold Shrink QTIII Terminations

3M QTIII High Voltage Cable Termination Kits : 92-EP623-1

Application - Indoor Termination of High Voltage, Single Core Polymeric (XLPE EPR) Insulated Cables with Copper Tape Screens, Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA) and/or Lead Sheath Covered

High Voltage Cable Termination Kit - Voltage Classes - 6.35-11kV & 8.7-15kV

3M 92-EP623-1 QTIII Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kit Range :

  • 6.6kV/11kV/12kV - 50-95sqmm
  • Diameter Over Primary Insulation - 16.3-27.5mm
  • Max Cable Lug Width - 30mm

3M Cold Shrink 11kV Single Core Polymeric Cable Terminations - Benefits :

  • Excellent 3M Cold Shrink electrical insulating performance
  • Hydrophobic properties - water and moisture resistant
  • Excellent high and low temperature operation
  • UV stable for outdoor cable termination applications
  • Non-flammable silicone rubber Cold Shrink termination 
  • One-piece 11kV cable termination for quick installation
  • Built in cold shrink stress control for reliable high voltage service
  • Compact design for limited working access in cable end termination boxes
  • LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) zero halogen cable terminations

3M QTIII 92-EP Series Cold Shrink Terminations meet and exceed the requirements of the European standard CENELEC HD629.1 as well as IEC60502-4.

3M Cold Shrink High Voltage Single Core XLPE/CTS Cable Joints 11kV

3M Cold Shrink High Voltage Top-Hat Cable Glands 11kV

3M Cold Shrink High Voltage Bushing Boots 11kV

Pfisterer Sicon High Voltage Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs

Prysmian Trefoil Cleats for High Voltage Single Core Cables

Prysmian 11kV High Voltage Single Core Cables BS6622

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Adobe 50-95sqmm 11kV Single Core XLPE CTS Cable Termination, 3M 92-EP623-1

Adobe Cold Shrink Terminations - 3M QT111 High Voltage Cable Terminations Brochure

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50-95sqmm 11kV Single Core XLPE CTS Cable Termination, 3M 92-EP623-1