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Nexans Power Accessories and cable terminations are for use on medium voltage onshore and offshore wind turbines.

In addition, the Nexans range of inner cone and outer cone screened separable connectors are suitable for terminating polymeric (XLPE) insulated cables into gas insulated switchgear up to 52kV.

  • Nexans have developed a range of cable junctions with mounting frames and cable termination chambers that utilise medium voltage pre-terminated leads manufactured in-house by Nexans Power Accessories.

Nexans Cable Terminations

  • Offshore Chambers/Junctions

Nexans Power Accessories have studied the installation of subsea array cables in the offshore towers and have developed a cable system that gives the developer and installer certain advantages over other cable connection methods.

By employing pre-terminated cable leads that utilise less expensive flexible cables, a developer may save money and an installer can save time on the cable preparation and testing of the high voltage cable link between the transformer to switchgear and/or switchgear to the array cable.

By using a cable termination point near to the hang-off rather than taking the array cable directly to the equipment, an installer may also save time on the preparation of the array cable and spend less time in the tower dealing with the inconvenience of stripping longer lengths of arrays.

This results in less reliance on the weather giving a cost saving to the developer due to the implications of the Waiting on Weather charges as more work can be done onshore preparing and testing the equipment.

By saving time on the installation offshore, this would in our opinion, give an earlier completion date and thereby earning the developer revenue sooner.

Pictured : Nexans Chambers & Cabinets - High Voltage

Nexans Chambers & Cabinets - High Voltage


  • NPA Frame - Use With Nexans Range Of Separable Junctions

Nexans Power Accessories offer 2 and 4 way outer cone cable junctions. The screened insulated junctions provide a cable termination point near to the hang-off and with the use of pre-terminated leads using outer screened separable connectors the junction can be supplied with a ‘plug & play’ system.


  • NPA Termination Chamber For Use In Offshore Turbines

Nexans offshore chambers utilise a double bushing/flange arrangement and along with the use of outer cone separable connectors offers a fully screened termination. The IP rated chamber can be used as a disconnecting point for internal to array cables and can also be utilised as a test point in either direction.

Roxtec IP67 cable and pipe sealing solutions are provided as these can cover a wide range of cable diameters. Nexans can provide cable chambers with the facility to piggyback up to 4 array cables and have a further facility for jumper cables to the equipment within the wind turbine tower.


  • NPA Onshore Termination Chamber

Nexans onshore chambers also utilises the double bushing/flange arrangement and can be used as a disconnect point for internal to external cables and can be utilised as a test point in either direction. Split gland plates can be provided for 3 core to 3 core cables, 3 core to single core cables and also single core to single core cables.


  • Outer Cone Separable Connectors

Nexans manufacture a range of screened separable connectors and they have been used in over 100 windfarms worldwide. The Nexans range includes truncated and piggyback connectors with a wide variety of associated accessories including surge arrestors, test rods and dead end plugs.

Although the primary interface on European windfarm projects is Interface C, T&D can also provide connectors for Interfaces A-E.

Nexans Euromold are currently developing an Interface F series of bushings and medium voltage cable connectors to joint, terminate and connect cables up to 52kV.


  • Cold Applied Cable Terminations

Nexans range of interference fit cold applied terminations for up to 42kV have been used on a number of onshore and offshore projects. Cold shrink or cold applied cable terminations are mainly used for connection from the nacelle to the switchgear and can be supplied as part of the pre-terminated range of cables.


  • Coldshrinkable Cable Joints

Nexans range of interference fit cold applied terminations for up to 42kV have been used on a number of onshore and offshore projects. Cold shrink cable joints are mainly used for connection from the nacelle to the medium voltage switchgear and can be supplied as part of the pre-terminated range of cables.


  • Cable Preparation & Jointing Tools

To compliment the Nexans range of cold shrink and heat shrink terminations and joints, T&D also supply cable preparation and jointing tools for medium voltage cables.

Nexans cable jointing tools have been extensively used by Nexans personnel and T&D can supply them in kit form or as individual items. Typical cable tools are: medium voltage outer jacket removers, screen removers, chamfering tools and cable cutters.

Pictured : Nexans Utility Tool Kit 82320 - Cable Preparation Tool Kit

Cable Jointing Tools


  • Cable Jointer Training

Nexans provide cable jointer training for medium voltage jointers to install Nexans separable connectors, both inner and outer cone and push on cable terminations.

Successful completion results in the award of a manufacturers certificate.

Developers can also take advantage of Nexans inspection service, whereby Nexans personnel carry out offshore inspections on completed Nexans medium voltage cable terminations.

Nexans are also able to offer a 5 year extended warranty provided that Nexans Power Accessories personnel install their equipment offshore.

T&D consider this to be unique for medium voltage cable accessory manufacturers and believe that it offers developers a high level of confidence in the operation of the installed cable terminations.


  • Pre-Terminated Medium Voltage Cable Leads

Nexans Power Accessories are proud to launch their range of cable termination solutions for use on onshore and offshore wind turbines. Nexans also supply MV pre-terminated cable leads for other applications and can now offer this service to help reduce time spent offshore preparing and testing cables.

These can be installed on the equipment in a transition piece onshore alleviating the reliance on good weather when supplying jointing teams to the offshore tower.

The MV cable leads are manufactured using a highly flexible cable and can be provided with combinations of outer cone and inner cone screened separable connectors, heatshrink and coldshrink terminations plus our cold applied interference fit terminations. Various lengths have been manufactured and can be provided for transformer to switchgear links and for switchgear to array cable junctions/chambers.

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MV Cable Leads


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