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Jointing & Terminating MV HV Cables




Prysmian BICC BICON BTHW and BTH copper crimp lugs and splices are specified for terminating and jointing high voltage cables 11kV to 33kV - the abscence of an inspection hole and presence of internal waterblocking resin prevents moisture ingress.

T&D UK distribute Prysmian crimp connectors and associated crimping tools.

Compression Connectors for Connecting & Terminating MV HV Conductors11kV 33kV
Compression (crimp) connectors are an established method of connecting and terminating medium-high voltage cable conductors (11kV 33kV).

To ensure a reliable connection or termination, the following should be observed.

  • Both cable conductor and compression crimp should be cleaned down using cable cleaning wipes
  • The size, shape and metal (copper or aluminium) must be correct for the cable conductor
  • The correct crimp die set should be selected
  • The cable conductor must be fully inserted into the crimp connector
  • The correct compression or crimping sequence must be followed and the full compression pressure applied

Failure to observe these precautions can result in a compression connector, lug or termination that fails in service.


Pictured : Prysmian Connectors. BICON BICC copper cable lugs, reducer splices and through splices are used to crimp, joint and terminate 11kV and 33kV stranded copper power cables.

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