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Socomore Cable Cleaning products provide high performance power industry electrical and cable cleaning solutions and are preferred by the electrical utilities and their cable and switchgear contractors.

Socomore PF power cable cleaning wipes and solvents provide residue free cleaning ensuring no earth tracking or local hot spots. Electrical cleaning solvents are approved for EHV Extra High Voltage use up to 440kV with full resin adhesion to cable joint surfaces eliminating moisture ingress.

Pictured: Low & High Voltage Cable Cleaning Solutions & Wipes - Socomore PF Solvent

Cable Wipes - Socomore PF Solvent Cable Cleaning Wipes


Socomore PF Solvent - Electrical Cable & Equipment Cleaning Applications :

  • Cable cleaning prior to jointing including 11kV, 33kV and HV triplex cables
  • Maintenance of cables, switchgear and network equipment LV HV
  • Low and high voltage electrical equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Removes oils, soils, tar and bitumen residues from transformers and cables
  • High voltage approved cleaning solvent and cable wipes
  • High strength, low lint cable jointing and terminating cleaning wipes
  • Low toxicity and odour cable cleaning wipes
  • Dielectric solvent up to 33kV
  • Non flammable electrical cable cleaning solvents
  • Cable cleaning prior to LV HV low and high voltage cable jointing
  • Removal of greases and jelly from switchgear (LV-HV)
  • Degreasing and cleaning overhead power lines and conductors

Socomore PF Solvent - Electrical Cable & Equipment Cleaning Features :

  • Residue free cleaning ensures no earth tracking or electrical hot spots
  • High voltage cable and electrical cleaning approved up to 440kV
  • Full adhesion to cable eliminates moisture ingress
  • Reduced installation faults ensure maximum cable life
  • Designed to IEEE recommendations
  • Reduces VOC emissions

Pictured: ​Socomore Cable Cleaning Products

Socomore PF Solvent Cable Cleaning Solutions

Quick & Easy Cleaning for Cable & Electrical Equipment .......

  1. Apply a thin film of cleaning solvent using a PT PF pre-impregnated wipe
  2. Allow 1 minute for surface action to dislodge contaminants from cable, switchgear etc
  3. Wipe off with the same PF wipe, or with a clean dry lint free cloth

PT Technologies PF cable cleaning wipes approved and used by - ABB, Balfour Beatty, BICC, Boston Edison, Doble Engineering, EDF (UK), e-on, ESB, General Electric, Georgia Power, Florida Power, London Electricity, Northern Electric, Pacific Gas & Electric, Plymouth Bishop, Prysmian, Scottish Power, Tyco, United Utilities, Elastimold.

Health & Safety : PF Solvents and cable wipes are designed to replace traditional fast evaporating cleaning solvents such as trichlorothane.

PF solvents and cable wipes are classed as combustible liquid, this eliminates the risk of flash-fires and logistics and storage issues associated with flammable products. PF solvent is not classified as hazardous goods.

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