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Prysmian FP Cable GlandsPrysmian Cable Glands


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Prysmian (formerly Pirelli) FP cables innovated and developed fire performance and fire resistant cables over 30 years ago.

Fire performance requirements of electric cables increase with customer demands, therefore Prysmian continue to develop the FP fire performance range of cables and cable glands to suit every application.

Prysmian 422 LSF CW low smoke zero halogen cable glands are suitable for termination of fire resistant FPLU Approved Cable Glands power cables in both indoor and outdoor installations.

Prysmian 421LSF E1W low smoke zero halogen calbe glands provide a double seal waterproof and weatherproof termination. Both Prysmian 422LSF and 421LSF steel wire armoured cable glands are LU Approved. 

The demand to retain circuit integrity and ensure safe living and working conditions in the building services and construction industry ensures Prysmian continue to increase the performance of FP fire resistant cables and match needs of clients, engineers and installers - this includes Prysmian FP Range  low voltage armoured (SWA) power cables.


Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cable Glands

Prysmian FP400 Fire Resistant & Fire Performance CablesPrysmian FP Cables

Prysmian FP400 is the original fire resistant steel wire armoured (SWA) cable that is easy to install, joint, glands and terminate. Prysmian FP400 maintains circuit integrity during a fire, produces very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases (less than 0.5%) - Prysmian FP400 cables safeguard human life and protect equipment.

Prysmian FP400 handles like a standard armoured cable and can be installed just as easily. No special tools or accessories are needed to install, cable joint or terminate FP400 and that ensures substantial installation cost savings over traditional MICC cables. FP400 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and may be installed by direct burial underground, cable trough, fixed direct, cable tray or cable ladder.

Prysmian FP400 has BASEC and LPCB approval to meet BS7846 Category F2 fire, water and shock test.

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Adobe Fire Performance (FP) Glands - Prysmian FP100 FP200 Gold and FP Plus Cables

Adobe Fire Performance (FP) Glands - Prysmian FP100, FP200 Gold and FP Plus Cables

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