Cable Fault Location - SPG5-1000 Cable Fault Locators

ICEplus Cable Fault Prelocation in
Low Voltage Tee-Branch Jointed Cable Networks

SEBA KMT SPG5-1000 is a portable multi-functional system for cable testing, fault conditioning pre and pin-point location of faults in low voltage distribution networks - ideal for pre-location of cable faults even in low voltage cable systems with multiple tee or branch joints including street lighting installations.

The SEBA KMT SPG5-1000 cable fault location test principle uses the low frequency component of the impulse signals during a flashover at the fault point in order to determine the distance - the usual problems of reflection and attenuation in tee or branch cable joints encountered when using TDR and ARM methods are removed using the ICEplus method. A pre-location of cable faults is possible irrespective of the number of tee or branch cable joints in low voltage cable systems.

Impulse Current Procedure (ICE) type cable fault location can identify cable faults beyond and within branch jointed systems - this limits the cable fault downtime, reduces compensation penalties and restores power supply to customers with minimised power outages.

Cable fault locator SEBA KMT SPG5-1000 provides a portable cable fault location solution for LV systems with DC testing up to 5kV.

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Cable Fault Location - SPG5-1000 Cable Fault Locators