Avoiding Danger from Underground Utility Services (Cables & Pipes)

HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Cables & Pipes

HSG47 provides guidance by outlining the dangers which can arise from work near underground services (cables LV & HV and pipes) and gives advice on how to reduce the risk. HSG47 applies to situations where underground services may be found and where work involves penetrating the ground at or below surface level - aimed at clients, designers, planning supervisors, cable jointers, HV contractors, employers, owners and operators of underground services, managers and supervisors and others concerned with planning, organising and supervising work near such services. This includes work by or for the utilities and also roadworks, construction and demolition work.

HSG47 Contents: Introduction; The dangers; Safe systems of work; Precautions for particular services; First aid; Further information.

Adobe HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services (Cables & Pipes)