3M Dynatel Detectors for Underground Cable & Pipe Location

3M Dynatel Underground Cable & Pipe Locators

3M Dynatel cable and pipe location and detection systems are suitable for locating underground electric cables, gas pipes and water pipes.

As communities grow, so do their underground utility assets. It becomes increasingly more important to quickly and accurately identify exactly what is buried underground and where. 

3M Dynatel cable and pipe locating and marking system delivers more information to accelerate identification and help avoid costly mistakes. 3M manufactures 7 different RFID marker types, colour coded for easy identification of the utility that is marked. 

3M has specialised solutions for the following markets : 

3M Dynatel for New or Existing Utility Cables & Pipes - 3M Dynatel solutions for utilities allowing the easy 'marking' and subsequent 'locating' of all types of assets. Asset data is either 'stored on' or 'associated with' each marker, can be conveniently linked with GPS/GIS information, providing the ultimate asset mapping / management solution for utility companies and contractors alike.

3M Dynatel for Site Services Managers - 3M Dynatel marks, maps and locates all underground cables and pipes negating the need to re-employ contract surveyors to re-locate assets in the future. With complete awareness of all underground utility cables and pipes, the risk of damaging any of these on future works is minimised and the possibility of effectively managing underground utilities is maximised.

3M Dynatel for Local Authorities - 3M Dynatel offers a simple, cost effective solution to reduce the number of digs and ensure all streetworks and roadworks are as effective and safe as possible. Detailed data captured in the field can be wirelessly uploaded and stored for future reference for every streetworks project.

3M Dynatel for Housebuilders - 3M Dynatel enables construction companies to mark the location of every significant point on their underground utility network (electrical cables, gas and water pipework). Using RFID technology individual buildings can then be connected without the need for temporary visual or other above surface markings.

3M Dynatel for Rail Networks - 3M Dynatel provides rail networks with the means to quickly locate, positively identify and manage the maintenance of safety critical assets on the network.

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3M Dynatel Detectors for Underground Cable & Pipe Location