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ABB TPE 6x MV Medium Voltage Current Transformers CT's

Up to 25kV 


ABB medium voltage MV indoor transformer type TPE is cast in epoxy resin and designed for installation up to 25kV in two design sizes. The ABB TPE current transformers are designed as a single turn or multi-turn versions with one transformer ratio or with double ratio having the possibility of reconnection on the medium voltage secondary side.

ABB medium voltage MV TPE current transformers can be provided with voltage indication system in accordance with IEC 61243-5 standard (for ABB TPE transformer with 2 secondaries with reconnection no possibility for voltage indication option).

ABB TPE 6x Current Transformers
The maximum number of secondary windings is 2 with maximum 6 secondary terminals without possibility of direct grounding thus the connection of each secondary to ground requires separate leads.

The secondary transformer windings are designed for metering or protection purposes, or if agreed for special medium voltage use (PX or "X" class). One terminals of each secondary transformer winding used and one terminal of short-circuited and not used transformer winding have to be earthed during the medium voltage MV operation. The secondary transformer terminals are cast on the front side, allowing M5 connection, covered by terminal cover, which can be sealed. The secondary transformer terminal cover meets IP40 requirement.

The ABB TPE MV medium voltage transformer can be mounted in any position and it is fixed by four M10 bolts. An earth terminal of M8 is located on the base plate close to the transformers secondary terminals.

ABB MV medium voltage current transformers are also available for following voltages : 3.6kV, 6.6kV, 7.2kV, 11kV, 12kV, 17.5kV, 25kV, 33kV, 36kV and 40.5kV.


ABB TPE 6x.xx Indoor Supporting Current Transformer Technical Data

Highest Voltage For Equipment

Um 25kV

Rated Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage 


Rated Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage 


Rated Frequency

Fr 50Hz / 60Hz

Rated Primary Current 


ABB TPE 60.xx 


ABB TPE 63.xx


Rated Continuous Thermal Current 

Icth 120%

Rated Short-Time Thermal Current

Ith 25kA / 1s

Rated Dynamic Current

Idyn 63kA

Rated Secondary Current

Isn 1A or 5A


-5°C / + 40°C 

Transport and Storage 

-40°C / + 70°C 


as per IEC 


ABB TPE indoor transformers are designed and manufactured in conformity with the following standards:

IEC 60044-1: Instrument transformers - Part 1: Current transformers
CSN EN 60044-1: Instrument transformers - Part 1: Current transformers
GOST 7746-2001: Current transformers 


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