Unarmoured Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

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3M's Scotchcast 92AU hazardous area unarmoured cable joints are suitable for all low voltage multi-core and single core power and general wiring cables, 0.6/1kV - this includes XLPE, PVC and EPR insulated power, wiring and earthing cables in hazardous areas. 

Pictured: Unarmoured Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

Unarmoured Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

Unarmoured Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

3M Part Ref Nom Conductor Area  No of Cores Min Cable Dia  Max Cable Dia 
92-A1U 1.5mm² 2 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 1.5mm² 3 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 1.5mm² 4 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 2.5mm² 2 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 2.5mm² 3 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 2.5mm² 4 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 4mm² 2 8mm 26mm
92-A1U 4mm² 3 8mm 26mm
92-A2U 4mm² 4 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 6mm² 2 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 6mm² 3 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 6mm² 4 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 10mm² 2 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 10mm² 3 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 10mm² 4 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 16mm² 1 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 16mm² 2 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 25mm² 1 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 25mm² 2 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 35mm² 1 23mm 37mm
92-A2U 50mm² 1 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 70mm² 1 14mm 32mm
92-A2U 95mm² 1 14mm 32mm
92-A3U 16mm² 3 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 16mm² 4 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 25mm² 3 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 35mm² 2 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 50mm² 2 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 120mm² 1 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 150mm² 1 23mm 37mm
92-A3U 185mm² 1 23mm 37mm
92-A4U 25mm² 4 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 35mm² 3 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 35mm² 4 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 50mm² 3 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 50mm² 4 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 70mm² 2 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 95mm² 2 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 240mm² 1 28mm 51mm
92-A4U 300mm² 1 28mm 51mm
92-A5U 70mm² 3 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 70mm² 4 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 95mm² 3 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 95mm² 4 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 120mm² 2 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 120mm² 3 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 120mm² 4 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 150mm² 2 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 185mm² 2 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 500mm² 1 33mm 60mm
92-A5U 630mm² 1 33mm 60mm
92-A6U 150mm² 3 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 150mm² 4 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 185mm² 3 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 185mm² 4 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 240mm² 2 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 240mm² 3 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 300mm² 2 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 800mm² 1 48mm 80mm
92-A6U 1000mm² 1 48mm 80mm
92-A7U 240mm² 4 45mm 90mm
92-A7U 300mm² 3 45mm 90mm
92-A7U 300mm² 4 45mm 90mm
92-A7U 400mm² 2 45mm 90mm
92-A7U 400mm² 3 45mm 90mm


3M Scotchcast No. 1400U resin cable joints are flame retardant with excellent long term resistance against hydrocarbons - suitable for jointing cables in areas where there is a danger of gas, oil, sewage or chemical spillage including Zones 1 and Zone 2 Hazardous Areas. 

Adobe Unarmoured Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zones 1 & 2) - 3M Scotchcast 92NAU