Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

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3M LR & LVI3 Power Cable Joints : Hazardous Area

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3M Scotchcast LR hazardous area power cable joints are suitable for XLPE, EPR and PILC cables with steel wire armour (SWA) or galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB), 0.6/1kV and up to 3.3kV.

3.3kV Cable Jointing. Up-rating 3M Scotchcast resin cable joints for connecting unscreened 3.3kV power cables is achieved by increasing the Scotch 23 self-amalgamating tape to 5 half-lapped layers over each connector.

For smaller cables where pre-insulated connectors are used, it is not required to cover the connectors with Scotch 23 tape.

3M LR Scotchcast cable joints are also suitable for lead sheathed cables (XLPE and PILC) and transition cable joints.

Pictured: Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

3M Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

3M Part Ref Cable Diameter Min & Max (mm) To Suit Diameter Over Lead Sheath Min & Max (mm) To Suit Diameter Over Armour Min & Max (mm)
LR20 14mm & 32mm 9mm & 15mm 9mm & 15mm
LR21 14mm & 32mm 9mm & 15mm 14mm & 22mm
LR30 23mm & 37mm 9mm & 15mm 14mm & 22mm
LR31 23mm & 37mm 14mm & 22mm 14mm & 22mm
LR32 23mm & 37mm 14mm & 22mm 18.5mm & 29mm
LR40 28mm & 51mm 14mm & 22mm 18.5mm & 29mm
LR41 28mm & 51mm 18.5mm & 29mm 18.5mm & 29mm
LR42 28mm & 51mm 18.5mm & 29mm 23.5mm & 37mm
LR43 28mm & 51mm 23.5mm & 37mm 23.5mm & 37mm
LR50 33mm & 60mm 18.5mm & 29mm 23.5mm & 37mm
LR51 33mm & 60mm 23.5mm & 37mm 23.5mm & 37mm
LR52 33mm & 60mm 23.5mm & 37mm 31mm & 50mm
LR53 33mm & 60mm 31mm & 50mm 31mm & 50mm
LR60 48mm & 60mm 23.5mm & 37mm 31mm & 50mm
LR61 48mm & 60mm 31mm & 50mm 31mm & 50mm
LR62 48mm & 80mm 31mm & 50mm 44mm & 70mm
LR70 45mm & 90mm 31mm & 50mm 31mm & 50mm
LR71 45mm & 90mm 31mm & 50mm 44mm & 70mm
LR72 45mm & 90mm 44mm & 70mm 44mm & 70mm
LR80 45mm & 100mm 44mm & 70mm 44mm & 70mm
LR81 45mm & 100mm 44mm & 70mm 58mm & 94mm

3M Scotchcast No. 1400U resin cable joints are flame retardant with excellent long term resistance against hydrocarbons.

Suitable for areas where there is a danger of gas, oil, sewage or chemical spillage including Zones 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas.  

Cable joints do not come under ATEX 94/9/EC because they are part of the cabling system - cables are not certified for use in hazardous areas but the requirements for suitable cables and joints are dealt with in EN IEC60079-14 Installation in Hazardous Areas.

Effectively this means they are covered under good practice under the DSEAR (ATEX 137) regulations - SIRA Certification Statment Ex Products Manager 2008.

Video: Hazardous Area Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast Resin LVI3 Cable Joint

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