Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2), 3M Scotchcast LVI-3

3M Hazardous Area Power Cable Joints3M Power Cable Joints : Hazardous Area

3M LVI3 Power Cable Joints

Hazardous Area LV Resin Cable Joints for Power Cables 



3M Scotchcast LVI-3 hazardous area (Zone 1 & 2) power cable jointing kits are suitable for XLPE, EPR and PILC cables with steel wire armour (SWA) or galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB), 0.6/1kV and up to 3.3kV.

3M LVI-3 cable joint kits are suitable for indoor, outdoor, underground direct burial and submerged installations - hydrocarbon resistant, chemical resistant, halogen free and flame retardant low voltage joint kits.

Pic : Power Cable Joint for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2), 3M Scotchcast LVI-3

Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2), 3M Scotchcast LVI-3

3M LVI-3 Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are also suitable for lead sheathed cables (XLPE and PILC) and transition cable joints up to 3.3kV

3.3kV Cable Jointing. Up-rating 3M Scotchcast resin hazardous area cable joints to connect unscreened 3.3kV power cables is achieved by increasing the Scotch 23 self-amalgamating tape to 5 half-lapped layers over each connector.

For smaller cables where pre-insulated connectors are used, it is not required to cover the connectors with Scotch 23 tape. 

3M Scotchcast No. 1402FR resin cable joints are flame retardant with excellent long term resistance against hydrocarbons - suitable for areas where there is a danger of gas, oil, sewage or chemical spillage including Zones 1 & 2 Hazardous Areas.

3M LVI-3 resin cable jointing kits are halogen free and flame retardant for low voltage power cable jointing.

3M LVI3 Scotchcast Cable Joint Kit List

  • Transparent PC cable joint mould body with closure cap
  • 3M Scotchcast 1402FR resin bag with opener
  • Phase spacer web
  • Scotch 23 electrical insulation tape
  • Armour connection earthing kit for braided/armoured cables
  • Copper stocking
  • Disposable insulating gloves according to EN394
  • Detailed cable jointing instruction for jointer 

3M LVI3 hazardous area resin cable joint kits contain 3M Scotchcast Resin - No. 1402FR Hydrocarbon Resistant, Halogen Free, Flame Retardant Resin

Power Cable Joints for Hazardous Areas (Zone 1 & 2)

3M Scotchcast LVI-3

3M Kit Reference PVC/PILC Dimn. 'A' (mm) Armour Dimn. 'B' (mm) Lead Dimn. 'C' (mm) Cable O.D. (mm)
LVI-3/2 80 20 20 14-30
LVI-3/3 90 25 25 23-35
LVI-3/4 110 25 25 28-47
LVI-3/5 165 25 25 35-60
LVI-3/6 250 30 30 45-70
LVI-3/7 300 30 30 45-90
LVI-3/8 400 30 30 45-100


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