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Roxtec cable transits consist of a frame, compression unit and cable sealing modules or blocks - the Roxtec cable transit installation procedure involves only a few simple steps.

The Roxtec frame is installed in or onto the construction or partition and cables or pipes routed through the frame.

The Roxtec modules are then adapted to the various cable and pipe diameters and inserted around them inside the frame.

The Roxtec compression unit is inserted and, when tightened, it creates an intrusion proof seal. Note that some Roxtec frames have an integrated compression unit.

An existing Roxtec seal can easily be re-opened at a later time for cable or pipe additions.

Pictured : Roxtec Modules

A Roxtec cable or pipe sealing module consists of two halves with removable layers and a center core.

Roxtec Multidiameter™ technology : one single module can seal a cable or pipe over a span of several different diameters simply by peeling layers from the module halves. 

Roxtec modules are used together with a transit frame and a compression unit. 

Roxtec Cable Seals

Roxtec cable transits protect against fire, vibration, temperature variations, pull tension and shockwaves - Roxtec cable transits also resist water, dust and rodents.

Roxtec cable transits are Transport for London approved and are used to upgrade the London Underground system, providing cable seals for trackside modernisation.

Roxtec seals are being used in relocatable equipment buildings (REBs) which are critical to the efficient running of the London underground system.

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Roxtec Cable Transits : Built-in Spare Capacity

Roxtec cable transits are designed to include spare capacity - new cables or pipes can easily be added during construction work maintenace, upgrade or throughout the service life of the installation - new cables or pipes can be added without adding to cost.

When new cable or pipes are routed the Roxtec modules centre cores are removed and the existing modules adapted to the correct diameter.

Roxtec cable transits will lower your costs and enhance operational reliability.

Roxtec Cable Transits : Time Saving

Roxtect cable transits consist of few parts -  simple to use resulting in a cost-effective transit installation.

The versatility of Roxtec multi-diameter modules makes it possible to seal cables and pipes of a great range of diameters with just a few sizes of sealing modules.

Cable and pipe seal manufacturer Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990 with the invention of Roxtec Multidiameter™, a solution based on sealing modules with removable layers.

Revolutionizing the process of cable routing and pipe installation, Roxtec became the leading provider of smart sealing solutions for maximized operational reliability.

The Roxtec cable transit sealing system provides complete safety solutions for rolling stock, rail control and infrastructure - in trains and trams as well as in shelters along the track.

The cable and pipe seals are classified for fire resistance and ensure certified protection against gas, water, rodents, shock-waves, vibrations, noise, and EMI/RFI.

In traction motors, battery boxes, inverters/converters, roof top/floor installations, retention systems and AC systems, Roxtec seals guarantee functionality and reliability.

Roxtec seals ensure fire protection between the driver’s cabin and the engine room, and dampen pressure waves when the high speed train enters a tunnel.

Roxtec seals are also installed in buildings and cabinets, ensuring safety and ability for upgrades in signal systems, substations, and GSM-R systems.

Cable & Pipe Transits for Railway Applications

Roxtec cable transits and pipe transits protect against different kinds of hazards, such as fire, vibrations, temperature variations, pull tension, shock-waves and noise as well as water, dust and rodents.

In addition, a special EMC-version of the Roxtec sealing system is available to prevent electromagnetic disturbances from interfering with the equipment.

For life Roxtec cable transits and pipe transits are made from the highest quality materials under strict quality surveillance. 

Pictured : Roxtec Rail Cable & Pipe Sealing 

Roxtec seals are used to effectively against water, gas and fire on infrastructure and rolling stock. This includes sealing walls, roofs and floors onboard trains. 

Roxtec Cable Seals

The cable transits and pipe transits range for sealing systems are designed to maintain their original sealing capability for the service life of any application.

The range of cable transits and pipe transits are designed to include spare capacity right from the start.

New cables or pipes can easily be added to the cable transits during construction work or throughout the service life of the application. 

Cable transits and pipe transits maintenance: The Roxtec sealing systems range of cable transits and pipe transits can be opened and reconfigured at any time.

When new cables or pipes are routed the cable transits center cores are removed and the existing modules adapted to the correct diameter.

It will lower your overall costs and enhance operational reliability since high quality certified products will always be there when needed. 

Video: Roxtec Cable Transits - Roxtec Installation Tools 


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