ProGARM Hi-Viz Visibility Orange Garments - Rail GO/RT 3279 Standard

ProGARM Hi-Viz Visibility Orange Garments - Rail GO/RT 3279 Standard

ProGARM Flame Resistant, High Visibility, 

Anti-Static & Arc Flash Clothing

GO/RT 3279 Railway Group

Standard EN471 Class 2

High-Viz Visibilty Orange Clothing 

ProGARM Personal Protective Clothing


ProGARM offer clothing which give the ultimate protection from the risks and hazards in which wearers have to work. ProGARM have developed a reputation for supplying Flame Resistant, Anti-Static, High Visibility and Arc Flash garments.

ProGARM supply a high visibility orange range of protective clothing which complies with the GO/RT 3279 standard specified by the rail industry - orange high visibility garments are designed for workers on or near the rail trackside, this includes trousers, jackets, coveralls, polo shirts and sweatshirts.

Each item of ProGARM protective clothing is a result of extensive in-house developments, carefully considering every detail of the garments - from the super soft VXS+ fabric which offers comfort previously unheard of in Flame Resistant fabrics to the zippers, the reflective tapes and the threads used. ProGARM garments give consistent, reliable protection day-in and day-out.

ProGARM use a visual arm logo system on each of their garments. This provides an easy identification for the clothing and whether the correct item is being worn:

High Visibility Orange protective clothing for rail

ProGARM Fire Resistant Clothing  Flame Resistant Clothing

ProGARM Anti-Static Clothing  Anti-Static Clothing

ProGARM High Visibility Clothing  High Visibility Clothing

ProGarm Electric Arc Flash Clothing  Electric Arc Flash Clothing  


ProGARM Flame Resistant, Anti-Static, High Visibility & Arc Flash Garments   


ProGARM Flame Resistant, High Visibility, Anti-Static & Arc Flash Garments - GO/RT 3279 Standard

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