ProGARM Flame Resistant, High Visibility, Anti-Static & Arc Flash Garments

ProGARM Flame Resistant, High Visibility, Anti-Static & Arc Flash Garments

ProGARM Flame Resistant, High Visibility 

Anti-Static & Arc Flash Clothing

Trousers, Jackets, Coveralls, Polo Shirts

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ProGARM Protective Clothing

ProGARM Clothing - Anti Static Arc Flash Flame Resistant Garments




ProGARM offer protective clothing which give the ultimate protection from the risks and hazards in which wearers have to work. ProGARM have developed a reputation for supplying Flame Resistant, Anti-Static, High Visibility and Arc Flash Garments. T&D distribute Flame Resistant, Anti-Static, High Visibility and Arc Flash Garments to local authorities, private lighting contractors (Highways Agency & NERS), ICP's and DNO's.

Each item of ProGARM protective clothing is a result of extensive in-house developments, carefully considering every detail of the garments - ProGARM super soft VXS+ fabric offers comfort previously unheard of in Flame Resistant fabrics to the zippers, the reflective tapes and the threads used. ProGARM garments give consistent, reliable protection day-in and day-out.

"53% of electrical incidents causing injury are from working on live electrical equipment. Between 1998 and 2006 39% of critical injuries involved burns from an arc." Source : The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) was established in 1999 with the mandate to enhance public electrical safety in Ontario, Canada. BBC News : Man burned in Merseyside street light electric shock.

Electrical incidents associated with working on live electrical systems impact utility contractors, street lightinArc Flash Clothing - Live Cable Jointingg electrical engineers, apprentices, maintenance workers and labourers - areas of work where street lighting engineers are exposed to potential shock and arc flash hazards include new connections, live cable jointing, fuse-pulling, working on street lighting cut-out fuses, circuit breaker replacement, switchboards, panelboards, feeder pillars, meter socket enclosures and electrical work upon street lighting columns. Where it is not practical to disconect or isolate an electrical system workers should ensure appropriate protection is implemented, including arc flash clothing, insulating gloves, switchboard matting, insulating ladders and insulated cable tools.

Live Working - DNO's and utilities issue general recommendations for approved insulated tools, test equipment, rubber gloves and appropriate PPE - safe working practises must be observed when live working on cables and electrical equipment. Live jointing techniques must be used by street lighting and utility cable jointers when working on live LV cables - this includes jointing mains and service cables.

ProGARM use a visual arm logo system on each of their garments providing an easy identification for the clothing and whether the correct item is being worn:

ProGARM Fire Resistant Clothing  Flame Resistant Clothing

ProGARM Anti-Static Clothing  Anti-Static Clothing

ProGARM High Visibility Clothing  High Visibility (Hi-Vis) Clothing

ProGarm Electric Arc Flash Clothing  Electric Arc Flash Clothing


ProGARM Flame Resistant, Anti-Static & Arc Flash Garments   

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ProGARM Flame Resistant, Anti-Static & Arc Flash Garments

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