Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels

Silver FoxSilver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels

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Silver Fox Thermal Cable Labels

Silver Fox Fox Flow Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie On Thermal Cable Labels

The Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels are ideal for larger cables and cable bundles and for use with nylon or stainless steel cable ties. Silver Fox thermal printable Legend tie-on cable labels are made from durable polyester.

Print the cable labels using the Silver Fox Plug'N'Play thermal printer and the Silver Fox labelling software Labacus Innovator which includes templates for all Silver Fox tie-on cable labels.

These cable labels are now authorised for use by London Underground.

The Silver Fox Tie-on Themal Cable Labels are available in rolls of 1000 labels.

Installed using Fox-in-a-Box thermal printing option: Standard / Advanced / Professional.        

Printing : LM9013T 90mm x 13mm 3000 labels per roll 

Silver Fox Cable Labels - Printer


  • Network Rail & London Underground Approved Cable Labels 

 LU London UndergroundNR Network Rail

Typical Applications

  • Power stations
  • Substations
  • Control rooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Data centres
  • Rail

Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels - Specification

Durability - Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels have been successfully independently tested for High/Low Temperature, H2S Sour Gas Exposure, Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register

Heat shrink rolls - Designed for internal use

Silver Fox : Tie-on, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Heatshrink Tubing, Nonshrink Tubing, 2-Part & Flag Type Cable Labels for power, instrumentation, control, telecoms, data and fibre cable labelling.

Silver Fox Cable Labels

YouTube Video: Silver Fox Fox-Flo Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels - Flame Test 

Video: Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels

Adobe Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels

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Silver Fox Tie-on Thermal Cable Labels