LSF Cable Joint 4 Core 10-16sqmm - CTL CM1LSHF

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  • LV Resin Cable Joint Kits - Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSF
  • Resin Straight Joint Kit CTL CM1LSHF
  • Resin Straight Joint for 10sqmm, 16sqmm Cables 
  • Suit BS6724 LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

LSF low smoke, halogen free resin cable joints suitable for jointing LSF (Low Smoke & Fume),LSF Low Smoke Fume LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) and flame retardant cables to BS6724.

CTL Clearcast LSF resin cable joint kits are flame retarded, halogen-free with low smoke and fume emission to VO rating of UL94.

T&D UK distribute an extensive range of Low Smoke and Fume electrical equipment including cable ties, cleats, glands, terminations and enclosures.

Pictured : LSF Cable Joints - Straight & Branch Kits

Resin Straight Joint Kits (LSF), 4 Core 1.5-6sqmm - CTL CM0LSHF

Adobe Jointing Kits, Resin Straight Joints LSF Cables - 4c 10-16sqmm CTL CM1LSHF

Adobe Prysmian Afumex BS6724 LSOH Power Cable

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LSF Cable Joint 4 Core 10-16sqmm - CTL CM1LSHF