Pfisterer Ixosil High Voltage Slip-on Cable Joints (72.5kV-300kV)

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Pfisterer Ixosil High Voltage Silicone Slip-On Cable Joints

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Pfisterer Ixosil premoulded slip-on silicone cable joints are the most reliable and efficient technology for the connection of two polymer insulated high voltage cables (VPE, EPR). The Ixosil slip-on joint system provides minimum installation time and conforms to all electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements for rebuilding cable insulation. Ixosil cable joints can be used on either aluminum or copper cables. 

There are two designs of Ixosil silicone joints:

  1. Pfisterer Ixosil One-piece Slip-on Joint 
  2. Pfisterer Ixosil Three-piece Slip-on Joint 

Pfisterer IXOSIL MSA Slip-on Joint

Silicone Cable Joints, Extra High Voltage - Pfisterer Ixosil Features

  • Easy to assemble cable joints
  • Waterproof according IEC for buried cable joints
  • Suitable for different filling compounds
  • Suit cables up to 2500mm² and bonding cross sections up to 630mm²
  • Maximum stability due to 6mm wall thickness
  • Light, robust cable jointing materials
  • Maximum nominal current limited only through the high-voltage cable
  • Maximum operating voltage Um = 550 kV
  • Cu or Al cable up to 2,500 mm²
  • Tested according to IEC 62067


Also - Pfisterer IXOSIL EST and IXOSIL ESF : the new generation of Dry Cable Terminations & Cable Sealing Ends.....
Pfisterer Ixosil new oil-free cable terminations for high-voltage cables are suitable for all voltage level categories up to 170kV and conductor cross sections up to 2500 mm². The assembly of oil-filled cable sealing ends involves a lot of work and the insulating oil poses a significant risk to the environment. That's not the case with the new IXOSIL high voltage cable sealing ends : Pfisterer Ixosil dry cable terminations (sealing ends) are made of modular silicone rubber parts and do not use any oil at all - Pfisterer saves assembly costs and protects the environment.

The new dry sealing ends are available in two versions: the flexible Pfisterer Ixosil ESF can be used for temporary connections as a testing cable or also as temporary site cable. Pfisterer Ixosil EST is designed for continuous use and consists of an ESF and an additional supporting element. A movable platform is not required for assembly of the EST on overhead line towers because it can already be connected to the high-voltage cable on the ground and is hoisted to the overhead line tower together with the high voltage power cable afterwards. Using these new cable sealing ends instead of conventional versions makes it possible to save several thousands of euros in assembly costs.

Video: Pfisterer IXOSIL MSA Cable Joints

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Adobe Pfisterer Ixosil Slip-on Silicone Rubber Cable Joint 132-138kV - MSA1453

Adobe Pfisterer Ixosil Slip-on Silicone Rubber Cable Joint 150-161kV - MSA170

Adobe Pfisterer Ixosil Slip-on Silicone Rubber Cable Joint 220-230kV - MSA245

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