TOFCO TPSK - Passive Safe Termination

TOFCO TPSKPassive Safe Termination




The TOFCO TPSK - SAFE provides passive safe termination and electrical disconnection from the power supply upon impact of a column, post or sign, even if the supply cable is tethered.

Electrical disconnection is achieved via the disconnection of the IP67 Snatch Plug system.

The TOFCO TPSK - SAFE ensures that when a column/post/sign is knocked over the supply to it is terminated. It is designed for use with all passive safety products but particularly recommended for No energy absorbing items.

Pictured : TOFCO TPSK - Passive Safe Termination

TOFCO TPSK - Passive Safe Termination

1. Underground cable chamber with duct access

2. Fixing eye bolt for attaching IP67/68 snatch plug cable

3. IP67 GRP cable termination enclosure

4. IP68 RC2K brass cable gland

5. IP68 compression cable gland

6. Adjustable height shelf can be fitted in vertical or horizontal position 

7. Passive disconnection circuit to comply with BSEN 12767:2007 disconnection time to achieve Zero Voltage

8. Terminal blocks up to 35sqmm XLPE SWA to terminate supply cable

9. Double pole switch disconnector with BS88 fuse protection

10. IP68 snatch plug and socket to comply with BSEN 12767:2007

11. Double pole column isolator unit complies with BS60947-3 incorporating Zero Voltage Switch Unit 


Adobe Highways Agency EN 1317 Compliant Road Restraint Systems - 2009

Adobe Passive Safe Street Furniture for Rural & Urban Road - Draft

Adobe The Use of Passively Safe Signposts & Lighting Columns

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TOFCO TPSK - Passive Safe Termination