Traffic Control, Motorway & Communication Cable Joints

Low Voltage LV Cable Joints

Heat Shrink Cable Joints

Low voltage heat shrink cable joints suitable for loop feeder cables (non armoured and SWA steel wire armoured) and traffic signal cables (non armoured and SWA steel wire armoured) 600/1000v to BS6346/87.

SPS heat shrink cable joint kits for traffic control, motorway and telephone communication cables are approved by Department of Transport (DOT), Traffic Control Systems Unit London and Transport for London (TFL).

Traffic systems resins are 2 part, fast curing polyurethane for sealing and encapsulating speed sensors, junction boxes and bases of control cabinets.

Adobe Traffic Control Cable Joints

Adobe Underground Warning Tape - Traffic Signal Cable Below

Adobe JI-Heat Shrink Cable Joints - Armoured Feeder Cables to Loop Cables