11kV Resin Cable Joints (3 Core XLPE EPR) - Prysmian Elaspeed

Prysmian Elaspeed Cable Joints

11kV-24kV Cable Joints - Cold Applied & Resin Filled For MV HV Power Cables

Prysmian Elaspeed cold applied cable joints have a wide range of applications includingPrysmian Elaspeed Cable Joints 11kv 3 Core Cold Applied both single and three core polymeric and paper high voltage cables, 11kV-24kV. Prysmian Elaspeed EJ-3XA high voltage cable joints are suitable for use with a wide range of polymeric high voltage cables including PE, XLPE and EPR, 95-300sqmm. Prysmian Elaspeed resin encapsulated, cold applied cable joints accomodate copper tape screen cores and galvanised steel wire armoured (SWA) cables up to 24kV.

Prysmian cold applied technology has been developed to ensure that the cable joint is not a weak link in the high voltage cable system. Prysmian Elaspeed cable joints are manufactured in the same way as cable - the cable joint starts its life as an extruded dielectric cable, manufactured to the highest standards in the cable industry. Prysmian Elaspeed core, constructed from ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation, is manufactured in a vertical extruder to ensure complete concentricity to the tightest tolerance possible. It is then tested as a cable to ensure long and trouble free operation under a wide variety of applications. Prysmian Elaspeed high voltage cable joints have the highest physical and dielectric properties and utilise the Prysmian Eprotenax insulation system.

Prysmian Elaspeed cable joints include Bicon mechanical connectors to enable high voltage jointing of copper and aluminium cables without resort to hydraulic crimping tools and die sets.

Cold Applied Technology - Elaspeed cable joints utilise cold applied technology over the connector position – widely recognised as the leading edge technology for high voltage joints and cable accessories. Cold application ensures concentric joint recovery, even in tight installation spaces. Elaspeed cable joints recover to give consistent insulation wall thickness and provide constant radial pressure.

Self Eject Carrier - Elaspeed cable joint bodies utilise the new Prysmian two-part self eject carrier. This construction eliminates the possibility of locking or breaking of the spiral carrier around the connector during unwinding by the cable jointer. It also allows the cable joint body to be easily centralised and removes the need to grease the cable core thus reducing the risk of contamination. Jointing of three core HV cables is also made easier because the need to unwind the spiral between the cores is removed.

Reliability and Repeatability - Elaspeed cable joints are reliable because they always shrink uniformly. No matter how many joints must be installed the last joint will be as reliable as the first.

Resin Encapsulation - Low density two part resin is used to provide added mechanical strength and water ingress protection.

Benefits of Prysmian Resin Encapsulated High Voltage Cable Joints For 11kV-24kV Cables

* No special cable jointing tools are required

* Cable joint body recovers to uniform wall thickness

* Cable joints can be re-centralised during shrinking

* No mastic required over the mechanical connector on "Faraday Cage" to 24kV

* Resin cable joints provide internal and external cable seals

* Tested under a 5m head of water

* Not tool dependant (heat shrink gas torch not required)

* High mechanical strength - will survive many impacts

* Chemical bond to sheath and cores - cable joint will survive ground subsidence

* Cable cores locked in place - less risk of "pulled cable ferrules"

T&D also stock and distribute Prysmian 11kV heat shrink cable terminations for terminating 3 core polymeric (XLPE and EPR) cables. Prysmian Bitherm 11kV heat shrink cable joints are quick and easy to install, offering high reliability and excellent performance for the universal cable jointing of high voltage polymeric and paper insulated 11kV cables.

Press Release - 6th Feb 2013. Prysmian Group’s Network Components factory in Gron (France) has recently produced 2 millionth Elaspeed Medium Voltage cable joint. This is a significant milestone in the successful history of this breakthrough cold shrink Medium Voltage joint’s concept developed by Prysmian engineers over 20 years ago and installed by major worldwide utilities in their Power Distribution networks. ConEdison, Hydroquébec, EDF, ENEL, TNB, STEG, Union Fenosa and many other customers are using this cable joint with total satisfaction.

The original idea was to manufacture a cable joint "like a cable”. Due to the joint efforts of both the central R&D (Quattordio) and the factory (Gron), the product has been developed and improved from Version 1 launched in 1994 up to the brand new Compact version born in 2010. Thanks to the cold shrink technology of Elaspeed, connection of medium-high voltage cables has reached a new standard of quality as one accessory kit model proves suitable for a wide range of cable sizes: inventory management and choice are thus simplified. The installation of the accessory is fast and easy and product performances do not depend on cable jointers’ skills or knowledge. Outstanding performance of mechanical, thermal and electrical parameters is ensured for the entire life time of the cable itself.

Adobe Prysmian Elaspeed 11kV-12kV Cable Joint 3 Core 95-185sqmm - Prysmian Elaspeed EJ-3XA-A-12

Adobe Prysmian Elaspeed 11kV-12kV Cable Joint 3 Core 185-300sqmm - Prysmian Elaspeed EJ-3XA-B-12

Adobe Prysmian Elaspeed 24kV Cable Joint 3 Core 50-95sqmm - Prysmian Elaspeed EJ-3XA-A-24

Adobe Prysmian Elaspeed 24kV Cable Joint 3 Core 95-240sqmm - Prysmian Elaspeed EJ-3XA-B-24

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11kV Resin Cable Joints (3 Core XLPE EPR) - Prysmian Elaspeed