3M 92-AG631-1C Cold Shrink Joint : 300-400sqmm 11kV Triplex Joints

3M 92-AG631-1/C Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core - 11kV11kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints

3M Cold Shrink : High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

Single Core Triplex Cable Joints 11kV - 3M Cold Shrink QS1000 Joints

11kV Triplex Cable Joint Kit - 300-400sqmm

3M Cold Shrink Jointing Kits - 92AG631-1C 

3M Cold Shrink 11kV Single Core Triplex Cable Joints - Benefits :

  • Excellent 3M Cold Shrink electrical insulating performance at 11kV
  • Hydrophobic properties - waterproof for underground and cable tray joints
  • Excellent high and low temperature operation
  • Cold Shrink Triplex joints require no heat at all - less tools, less risk
  • Non-flammable silicone rubber Cold Shrink QS1000 Triplex joints
  • One-part 11kV QS1000 Triplex cable joint body for quick installation
  • Built in cold shrink stress control for reliable high voltage cable service
  • Compact design for limited working access in joint bays or cable trays

Pictured : 11kV Triplex Cable - Solid or stranded aluminium conductor, XLPE insulated, copper wire screen (35sqmm). MDPE outer sheath. Red. 11kV to BS7870.

11kV Triplex Cables BS7870 - Cable Joint

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Adobe 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints Brochure

Adobe 3M Cold Shrink Terminations & Cable Joints - 3M Selection Guide (HV)

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3M 92-AG631-1C Cold Shrink Joint : 300-400sqmm 11kV Triplex Joints