QTIII 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations - Specification

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QTIII Terminations - 3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink System QTIII Terminations

QTIII terminations by 3M Cold Shrink offer easy installation and reliable performance when terminating indoor and outdoor medium voltage and high voltage cable.

QTIII is a one piece silicone rubber termination, manufactured using 3M Cold Shrink, which is expanded and loaded onto a removable supporting core which allows the cold shrink cable termination to be installed without the need for heat shrink gas torches and tooling.

The core is stepped to allow a greater application range for terminating high voltage armoured power cables with QTIII cold shrink terminations by 3M.

3M QTIII Cold Shrink Cable Terminations MV HV

QTIII cable terminations consist of a tubular cold shrink silicone insulator, with a built in refractive stress control tube and compound, and a built in top seal for the cable lug.

Due to this design the QTIII cold shrink termination is installed in one operation without the need for any additional components.

QTIII terminations are manufactured from 3M cold shrink silicone rubber, which has been specially formulated to enhance the properties required for MV-HV cable terminations.

Advantages of 3M Silicone Cold Shrink QTIII Cable Termination

  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Hydrophobic recovery
  • UV stable
  • Non-flammable
  • Fungus resistant
  • Excellent high and low temperature properties
  • Superior track and erosion resistance

3M Cold Shrink QTIII cable terminations are suitable for use on polymeric cables from 11kV to 33kV.

Both indoor and outdoor 3M cold shrink terminations are available for single core and three core cables using 3M QTIII specification terminations.

Testing of 3M Silicone Cold Shrink QTIII Cable Terminations

QTIII terminations have been tested in accordance with IEEE Std 48-1990 and/or VDE 0278 Part 4. Details of 3M Cold Shrink Termination type tests are available upon request.

Video : 3M Premium MV-HV  Outdoor Cold Shrink Termination - Fully Integrated (QTIII) : Medium voltage cable termination demonstration of the 3M Premium Outdoor Cold Shrink Termination - Fully Integrated (QTIII).


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QTIII 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations - Specification