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Hellermann Tyton Cable Ties

Hellermann Tyton cable tie ranges for commercial and industrial electrical contracting cable bundling and fastening applications include:

  • Polyamide 6.6 UV & Heat Stabilised Cable Ties (T Series)
  • High Strength Industrial Cable Ties (LK Series)
  • Wide Strap Heavy Duty Cable Ties
  • Double Headed Cable Ties (DH Series)
  • Outside Serrated Cable Ties (OS Series)
  • Low Profile Cable Ties (LPH, PE, RPE)
  • Releasable Cable Ties (RT, RELK, RLT, LRT)

Commercial Cable Ties - Hellermann Tyton

Hellermann Tyton Cable Ties - Range Overview

 Standard Cable Ties
   Hellermann Tyton offers many options of cable ties that will withstand 18 to 30 lbs of force. Whether the cable tie or clamping application demands mounting, releasable or identification features, HellermannTyton has the cable tie to suit the application.

Heavy Duty Strength Cable Ties
For cable bundles and clamps requiring 60 to 250 lbs of tensile strength.

Heavy Duty Wide Cable Strap
The wide strap cable tie strap minimizes pinching on soft bundles (soft rubber sheathed cables) and features a low profile head to provide compact bundling.

Outside Serrated Cable Ties
Hellermann Tyton outside serrated cable ties are for applications where thin walled or soft insulation is used (aircraft, trains, etc.) and for applications that are very sensitive to the amount of force applied to the cable.

Releasable Cable Ties
Hellermann Tyton releasable cable ties ideal for use in cable applications where there is the need to repeatedly open and close the cable ties.

Clamp Cable Ties
Hellermann Tyton clamp ties have triangular shaped tabs extending beneath the head, allowing for optimal surface contact and complete circumferential compression to 360 degrees. The cable clamps are recommended for soft rubber hose applications including fuel, water, and air vacuum lines.

Double Head Cable Ties
Double head ties can be used for installation of a second parallel cable run without the need for additional cable ties - the cable ties second loop may also serve as a positioning device for a single bundle.

Identification Ties
Tie and identify bundles of cable or pipes in one operation - Hellermann Tyton identification cable ties have large flat areas for imprinting or labeling information.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Hellermann Tyton stainless steel cable ties (grade 304 and 316) are designed to secure hoses, cables, poles and pipes in harsh environmental conditions.

High Temperature Cable Ties
PEEK cable ties will withstand temperatures from -55° C up to +260° C - PEEK cable ties are chemical resistant, including resistant against acid and gamma radiation. Furthermore PEEK cable ties have good abrasion resistance.

Wire Harness Branch Cable Tie
The branch cable tie is ideal for wire harness applications where wires “branch” away from the main assembly in a "Y" shaped intersection.

Who Are Hellermann Tyton ?
Hellermann Tyton is a global manufacturer of cable ties offering high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. Hellermann Tyton develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industrys needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation time, reducing component costs and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what industry........

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