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When installing essential electrical systems such as emergency lighting or fire safety controls, great emphasis is placed upon the fire survivability of the critical components such as fire dampers, actuators and cables that are contained in the area.

Often the specification of the junction boxes and enclosures is neglected with respect to fire resistance and survival. On the basis that any system is only as good as the weakest part, it is important that attention is paid to the junction boxes being utilised for essential systems.

Abtech ensure the fire survival of junction boxes using both the SX (stainless steel enclosure) and BPG (GRP enclosure) ranges - see fire rated enclosures for further information about junction boxes capaable of resisting and surviving fire according to PH120 pre-assmembled with ceramic terminals.

Abtech BPG Fire Rated Enclosures Range

Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures Test Results

Enclosure Type  IEC 331
750°C (1382°F)
 for 3 hours
(Flame Only) 
BS6387 ‘C’
 for 3 hours
(Flame Only) 
BS6387 ‘Z’
950°C (1742°F)
for 3 hours
(External Impact) 
BS6387 ‘W’
950°C (1742°F)
for 3 hours
(Water Spray) 
SX Range  Pass  Pass  Pass  Pass 
BPG Range  Pass  Pass  Not Tested  Not Tested 

Abtech SX and BPG electrical enclosures and junction boxes when fitted with ceramic terminals are suitable for use in areas designated to require fire resistant cables according to IEC331, BS6387 C (fire alone), BS6387 Z (impact test) and BS6387 W (fire with water test).

Fire Rated Enclosures Standards Explained

IEC 331 Test

The IEC 331 test is used for verifying the resistance to fire of electrical cables where circuit integrity under fire conditions must be maintained. 

The standards set under the IEC 331 test state that the cable must be exposed to a flame with a minimum temperature of 750°C for at least 90 minutes. 

BS6387 Test 
The BS6387 test is designed to determine the performance of a section of cable under specified conditions to ensure the cable maintains its integrity under fire conditions. There are three variations of the BS6387 test: 'C', 'W' and 'Z'. 
Each category within the test highlights the specific capabilities of the cable under set conditions. These conditions being:
  • 'C' - Fire alone
  • 'W' - Fire and water
  • 'Z' - Fire with mechanical shock

The BS6387 specification recommends each category of the test is carried out at different temperatures for various lengths of time.

The category 'C' test with fire alone is conducted at 950ºC for 180 minutes, category 'W' tests with fire and water are carried out at 650ºC for 30 minutes and category 'Z' tests with fire and mechanical shock are carried out at 950ºC for 15 minutes. 

Each video below give a short demonstration of each test and are extracted from BS 6387 test videos via Cavicel S.p.A

BS6387 'C' - Fire Alone

BS6387 C - Resistance To Fire Alone
BS6387 'W' - Fire And Water BS6387 W - Fire And Water Resistance
BS6387 'Z' - Fire With Mechanical Shock BS6387 Z - Fire With Mechanical Shock


Pictured: Abtech Fire Rated Enclosures

Abtech Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures Abtech Fire Rated Enclosures


Abtech BPG Fire Rated Enclosures Size Guide
Part Number  Width (mm) Length (mm)  Depth (mm)  Ex Certified 
BPG1 80 75 55 ü
BPG2 110 75 55 ü
BPG3 160 75 55 ü
BPG4 190 75 55 ü
BPG4.5 190 75 75 ü
BPG5 230 75 50 ü
BPG6 122 120 90 ü
BPG7 220 120 90 ü
BPG8 160 160 90 ü
BPG9 260 160 90 ü
BPG10 360 160 90 ü
BPG11 560 160 90 ü
BPG12 255 250 120 ü
BPG13 400 250 120 ü
BPG14 600 250 120 ü
BPG15 400 405 120 ü


Ex certification may be component or apparatus certified - Individual requirments should be specified.

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