Earth Rod Driving Hammers

Earth Rod Driving HammersEarth Rod Driving Hammers




Earth rod driving hammers provide significantly reduced earthing system installation times - where hand driving of earth rods is uneconomical due to the substantial number of earth rods to be driven into the ground or unfavourable ground conditions exist the earth rod hammer is recommended.

Pictured: Earth Rod Driving Hammers

Earth Rod Driving Hammers

By mounting an earth rod driving hammer onto a rig, longer lengths of copper earth rods can be driven into the ground - for earthing projects where large quantities of earth rods are required cost saving can be achieved.

For example, by using single 8ft earth rods rather than 2 x 4ft earth rods which would require earth rod couplers etc. installation time is considerably reduced.

T&D UK can offer competitive pricing on the complete range of Furse and AN Walllis Earthing & Lightning Protection systems including copper earth bars, earth rods, earth clamps and copper earth tapes.

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Earth Rod Driving Hammers