Earthing & Lightning Protection

Earthing & Lightning Protection

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Furse Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems consist of copper earth bars, earthing tapes, conductors, clamps and ancillaries.

Furse earthing products, including earth rods, plates, clamps and inspection pits, are all designed and manufactured in line with BS EN 50164 and BS 7430, to ensure they meet the demands required of earth termination systems.

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Who Are Furse? 

Established in 1894 as W.J.Furse & Co Ltd by William Joseph Furse when he bought a steeplejacking comFurse Earthing Lightning Protectionpany, Furse has developed a lot over the last 120 years. 

Pictured: Furse Was Established As  W.J Furse Electrcial Engineers And Contractors In 1894

Today, Furse is the market leader for Earthing & Lightning Protection and for many years has been promoting the concept of a 'Total Solution' for earthing and lightning protection and all Furse connection components have successfully passed the BS EN 50164-1:2000 test procedures. Furse continues to expand and since 1998 has been part of the Thomas & Betts Corporation. 

The Need For Lightning Protection & What It Does 

Lightning is one of nature's most destructive forces and it can have extremely damaging effects on buildings and infrastructure if they do not have adequate earthing systems to provide protection against lightning protection. 

Video: Lightning Strikes The Empire State Building 3 Times - Demonstrating The Need For Lightning Protection

With the ability to deliver over 200,000 amps of power in a matter of seconds, lightning discharges a phenomenal amount of power and extreme damage and destruction. 

The lightning protection system is designed to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike. Furse Earth Bars

​A reliable lightning protection system must have both structural lightning protection alongside transient overvoltage. The Furse 'Total Solution' ensures that buildings have complete protection to ensure the safety and integrity of the employees inside the building and the very fabric of the building. 

Pictured: Furse Earthing & Lightning Protection Product Range

Furse Earthing Lightning Protection Product Range


Furse Surge Protection Devices

  • Type 1 Surge Protection - Lightning Current or Equipotential Bonding SPD
  • Type 11 & Type 111 Surge Protection - Transient Overvoltage SPD


Furse Copper Earthing Bars

  • Standard Earth Bars
  • Single Link Earth Bars
  • Twin Link Earth Bars

Pictured: Furse Earth Bar With M6 & M10 Studs 

Furse Earth Bar


Furse Copper Earth Tape

An integral part of the lightning protection system is copper earth tape. With high conductivity, Furse offers a comprehensive range of copper earthing tapes. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, the range of Furse copper tapes are UV stabilised and with optional PVC sheath covering in order to reduce the impact upon the external system. 

Furse Earthing Rods

Furse earthing rods are copperbond and are one of the best and most economical earth rods available. Constructed of molecularly bonded, 99.9% pure electrolytic copper – Furse earth rods are made around a low carbon steel core and not sheathed. As well as being extremely resistant to corrosion, the steel used has extremely high tensile strength meaning they can be safely driven by power hammers to great depths. 

Video: Furse - Your Total Solution To Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection


Furse Copper Earth Bars


Furse Copper Earth Clamps


Furse Copper Earth Plates


Furse Copper Earth Rods


Furse Copper Earth Tapes


Furse Earthing & Lightning Protection Catalogue


Furse Earthing Lightning Protection Introduction

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