Cembre 2A60 Cable Crimp Lugs 300sqmm 11-33kV

Cembre High Voltage Copper Cable Lugs

Cembre High Voltage Copper Cable Lugs to 11-33kV

Cembre 2A60 HV Copper Crimp Lugs 300sqmm

Cembre 2A60-M12

Cembre 2A60-M14

Cembre 2A60-M16

Cembre 2A60-M20


Cembre 2A60 range of high voltage copper crimp lugs are suitable for 300sqmm stranded copper, 11kV to 33kV cables. The extended cable lug barrel provides an excellent crimped connection to stranded copper conductors and can be installed using Cembre ME60-C hexagonal die sets.


Cembre 2A60-M Copper Cable Lug Specifications

Reference Number Conductor Size


Stud Size

Øi B M N L d
Cembre 2A60-M12 300sqmm 12mm 23.7mm 44mm 20mm 14mm 129.5mm 13.2mm
Cembre 2A60-M14 300sqmm 14mm 23.7mm 44mm 22mm 16mm 133.5mm 15mm
Cembre 2A60-M16 300sqmm 16mm 23.7mm 44mm 22mm 19mm 136.5mm 17mm
Cembre 2A60-M20 300sqmm 20mm 23.7mm 44mm 24mm 23mm 142.5mm 21mm

Cembre 2A60 Crimp Lugs 300sqmm 11-33kV

Recommended Crimping Tool for Cembre 2A60 Lugs Cembre HT131C

Adobe 300sqmm 11-33kV Cable Crimp Lugs - Cembre 2A60