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CATU High Voltage Detectors (AC) provide reliable voltage detection for HV power cables, overhead lines and switchgear applications, 66-765kV according to IEC 61243-1.

All CATU voltage detectors are CE Marked and are suitable for detecting voltages both indoor and outdoor.

CATU voltage detectors provide precise and stable operating performance - insensitive to induced voltages by limiting the voltage range.

CATU voltage detectors are ideal for field use with resistant to impacts, vibrations, humidity and temperature extremes.

CATU Voltage Detectors - Dual Indication of Voltage Presence

  • 4 bright red flashing luminescent diodes (visible up to 50 metres)
  • Powerful rated acoustic signal

CATU CC-245 range of voltage detectors are available with optional end fittings including 20mm hexagonal, 12mm hexagonal and universal.

CATU CC245 voltage detectors are made from polycarbonate with high mechanical properties and dielectric strength with robust housings.

CATU CC-245-150 Voltage Detector (HV) 150kV

CATU CC-245-150 Voltage Detector (HV) 150kV

CATU voltage detectors are available with LED for indoor use without batteries, 10-30kV - CATU CL-4-10/30M - voltage presence is indicated by high-brightness LED indicator.

CATU voltage detectors, type CC-245 provide precise measurement of high voltage electricity distributed by overhead powerlines or underground cables.

CATU high voltage detectors are suitable for outdoor and indoor use in accordance with IEC 61243-1.

CATU High Voltage Detector Features

  • Resistant to impacts, vibrations, extreme temperatures, humidity
  • Double signaling high voltage detector  
  • High voltage presence indicated by the Catu Detector at the same time by 4 bright red flashing electro-luminescent diodes and a powerful rated acoustic signal (60 dB/2 m) 

Also - IEC 61243-1 Voltage Detectors, CATU CC-875 range, for use with IEC 61235 Insulating Stick CATU CE-4-21-C.

Video : Voltage Detector- CATU CC765 5-36kV

Adobe High Voltage Detectors for HV Overhead Lines & Switchgear - CATU CC245 Detectors