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CATU voltage detectors are suitable for voltage detection on low and high voltage distribution, overhead line and transmission systems.

CATU telescopic insulated sticks (IEC 61235) are recommended for use with CATU voltage detectors providing up to 2 metre working extension and insulation ratings to 75kV (CATU CE-75) and 90kV (CATU CE-4-21).

Details of UK National Grid overhead line and underground cable transmission system can be found here.

Low Voltage Detectors, CATU Voltage Detectors (1000V) - Features

CATU Detex MS-911-EX voltage detector conforms to IEC/CENELEC standard 61243-1 and EN 50110-1.

The MS-911-EX voltage detector checks the absence of voltage (AC and DC) from 6, 12, 24, 50, 127, 230, 400 and 690 volts - voltage detection indicated by visual and audible signals.

The CATU MS-911-EX voltage detector also performs polarity tests, phase/neutral identification, continuity tests and short circuit checks.

High Voltage Detectors, CATU IEC Voltage Detectors (52kV) - Features

CATU IEC high voltage electronic voltage detectors provide dual indication of voltage by visual red flashing LED (20m visibility in direct lighting) and powerful audible signal (60 dB(A)/2m). 

IEC 61243-1 voltage detectors are compact (59 Dia x 270mm) and light (420g) for accurate indoor and outdoor voltage detection on 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV cables.

High Voltage Detectors, CATU Standard Voltage Detectors (52kV) - Features

CATU standard electronic voltage detectors provide precise and stable detection for maximum electrical safety on high voltage substations and overhead distribution lines. 

Voltage detection is provided by double signalling - flashing LED (50m visibility in poor light) and audible signal (60 dB/2m).

Checking Voltage Detectors

  1. Press test button to check voltage detector is functioning correctly.
  2. Release test button, green LED lights indicates voltage detector working.

Extra High Voltage Detectors, CATU Voltage Detectors (66kV+) - Features

CATU CC-245 series of extra high voltage detectors are extensively used by the DNO's and utility power contractors for 66kV, 132kV, 275kV, 400kV and 550kV overhead line and transmission voltages.

Voltage detectors feature double signalling of voltage presence. Voltage detectors rated for transmission line voltages provide four LEDs for improved visibility at greater distances.

High specification CATU voltage detectors are resistant to impacts, vibrations and temperature extremes.

Phase Comparators - Features

CATU Detex CL-8-36 indoor phase comparators detect voltage differences between phases indicated by LED - phase comparators also enable assessment of residual voltage induced by nearby live cables or circuits.

CATU Detex CL-8-36 phase comparator has an operating range of 3.3kV to 33kV. Ideal for phase balancing, two-pole detection and high voltage fuses.

Video : Voltage Detector- CATU CC765 5-36kV

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