Cable Detection & Location Tools - Ezi-CAT200 Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)

Cable Locators for Low, High Voltage Underground Cables

The Ezi-CAT200 cable locator tool has the same features and functions as Ezi-CAT100, but can be used in conjunction with the signal generator in order to provide a depth readout up to 3 metres for low and high voltage cable location. The Ezi-CAT200 is in widesrepad service throughout the electric utilities for accurate and reliable high voltage cable location, including 11kV-33kV.

Ezi-CAT200 cable locator is used for the avoidance and location of cables and pipes buried in the ground with the added benefit of depth estimation in cooperation with the EziTRACE or the Sonde in 33kHz mode. Using the depth feature you can get the real depth and cable location of a service with an accuracy of approx. ± 10%.

Ezi-CAT200 cable locator detects alternating (AC) electromagnetic signals radiated due to currents flowing in conductive buried cable services. The cable locator operator is given the location and direction of the underground cable when the unit receives re-radiated radio frequencies through internal aerials which detect the strength and direction of the received signals.

Ezi-CAT200 Cable Locator Features :

* Cable locator switches on in POWER mode for maximum safety
* Starts with maximum sensitivity for safe operation
* Fully automatic pinpointing for quick and accurate cable
* In-built, user activated, self-test function for checking locator functionality
* Perfectly balanced on / off trigger
* Robust, compact and lightweight cable locator
* Measure line and Sonde depth to 3 metres

Contact T&D for Cable Detection Locators on-site demonstration.

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Cable Detection & Location Tools - Ezi-CAT200 Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)