Prysmian Draka Cables - Bostrig MHV3-8B 100% Level Cable

Prysmian Draka Cables - Bostrig MHV3-8B 100% Level Cable

Prysmian Draka Marine Cables

Bostrig MHV3-8B Cable 100% Level

Three Conductor Power (Type N Jacket) 8 kV 

Shielded - 100%  Level Armoured Only

Prysmian Draka Offshore Drilling Cables


Prysmian Draka Cables

Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV Applications

Prysmian Draka Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV three conductor 8,000 volt shielded cables are suitable for use in commercial marine applications, MODU’s, and platforms where flame retardant cables having excellent physical and electrical properties are required.

The Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV cables have excellent resistance to oils, abrasion, petrochemical fluids, moisture, and sunlight.

Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV cables are also available with either a fully insulated grounding conductor or an un-insulated grounding conductor evenly distributed in the interstices. Prysmian Draka Cables - Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV Applications


Prysmian Draka Cables

Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV Approvals

  • Meets applicable test requirements in IEEE 45-1998 & 1993 (draft), ICEA S-68-516, UL 1072, J-126
  • Flame test in IEC 60332-3, cat A, A/F

T&D distribute Prysmian Draka marine and offshore cables with Lloyds Register, DNV GL and NEK 606 standards. 


Offshore Marine Cables - NEK 606/BFOU/RFOU/BU/RU topside cable including halogen-free, fire resistant and mud resistant LV, MV & HV power cables (3.3kV, 6.6kV and 11kV).

Prysmian Draka Cables

Bostrig MHV3-8B 8kV Construction 

  • Conductor - Soft annealed tinned copper
  • Conductor Shield - Semi-conducting tape with extruded thermosetting semi-conducting EPR
  • Insulation - Extruded thermosetting EPR, 90°C-Type E
  • Insulation Shield - Extruded thermosetting semi-conducting XLPO
  • Metallic Braid Shield - Tinned copper braided shield, 85% minimum coverage
  • Jacket - A jacket of flame retardant, heavy duty arctic Neoprene is applied over the metallic braid shield
  • Armour - Braided Bronze

T&D supply the complete range of Prysmian cable glands, cable cleats and cable joints suitable for industrial and hazardous area LV, MV & HV cable installations - this includes FP Fire Resistant cables.

Prysmian Cable Joints Glands Cleats

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