Prysmian Draka Cables - Offshore Drilling Cables

Prysmian Draka Cables - Offshore Drilling Cables

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Prysmian Draka Cables - Offshore Drilling Cables

Prysmian Draka power, control, signal and instrumentation cables designed primarily for use in offshore and marine applications (production and drilling) to BS/UKOOA, IEC, IEEE/UL and NEK606 standards.

Prysmian Flex-Flame Fire Resistant Cables Improve Critical Systems Performance In Emergency Situations

While offshore drilling rigs and production platforms place high priority on reliable power at all times, this need is critical during dangerous events, such as the outbreak of fire. If critical operational and safety systems go down quickly during these events due to power loss, the chances for safe evacuation of all personnel decreases and the likelihood of loss of life rises.

Enter Draka Marine, Oil & Gas (MOG) International, a global provider of wire and cable products to the offshore oil and gas industry. Prysmian Draka Flex-Flame HCF (Hydro Carbon Fire) family of cables are designed to keep critical systems working during a fire or other similar dangerous situations on an offshore platform. Flex-Flame HCF builds on Draka’s previous generation fire-resistant cables.

The design is based on a fire-proof elastomeric cable covered with a composite-based protective coating that changes composition when exposed to higher temperatures. Eivind Nesset, technical manager of innovation for Draka MOG, explains what happens to this composite during heating. “The Flex-Flame cable’s unique design gives good heat transmission during normal operating temperature. If the Flex-Flame cable is exposed to a hydrocarbon fire, rapid changes in the material state give a cooling effect, which is maintained during the critical period.”

Nesset says that during heating, the composite-based protective sheath changes in composition from an elastic substance into a firm, ceramic substance that provides heat insulation to the cable inside. “This ceramic layer is capable of withstanding hydrocarbon fires at greater than 1,100°C, and of preventing the copper wire inside the elastomeric cable from seeing temperatures anywhere near that.”

NEK 606/BFOU/RFOU/BU/RU cables including halogen-free, fire resistant, hydro carbon resistant and mud resistant for LV, MV & HV power cables (3.3kV, 6.6kV and 11kV).

Prysmian Draka Cables

This is an important property, given that copper has a melting point of about 1,050°C. This insulating effect is not infinite. The cable eventually fails from continued exposure to high temperatures. However, Nesset says that these Flex-Flame cables will provide reliable power at 1,100°C long after the critical time period for safe evacuation.

For example, ExxonMobil requires functional security of power supplies for 15 minutes at a temperature of 1,100°C, with a heat flux of 160 kW/m2. While most heat-resistant cables might break down after 2 to 6 minutes at this temperature, Draka MOG says all Flex-Flame HCF cables are rated to withstand this condition for up to 60 minutes.

Draka MOG has other offshore cable products in the HCF family which can perform well beyond 60 minutes. There are the 250V and 1kV BFOU-HCF series which contain a mica glass tape; these pass the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) gas flame test 60331-31 with hammer shock for 120 minutes at 850°C without short circuiting. An upgraded version of this cable can pass the IEC gas flame test at 1,000°C for 3 hours.

The high temperature resistance of these cables, coupled with the fact that they are easy to install and terminate, made the Flex-Flame HCF a New Technology Award recipient at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference.

The T&D and Prysmian commercial relationship goes back to the previous century. T&D have distributed the Prysmian Components range of cable joints, cable glands, cable cleats and high voltage cable terminations for several decades.

The new relationship will now extend T&D's portfolio to embrace Prysmian Draka Offshore Marine, Oil & Gas cables - we distribute cable accessories including cable cleats, terminations, glands and joints suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 installations. 


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