Ellis Patents VRT+11 Vulcan Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents VRT+11 Vulcan Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

   Ellis Patents Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

Ellis VRT+11 Vulcan Cable Cleats - Stainless Steel Cable Cleats
Trefoil cable range 59-66mm
Single cable range 90-115mm

Vulcan + VRT cable cleats are suitable for trefoil, single, quad and bundled low and high voltage cable applications where moderate levels of short circuit withstand are required.

Max Short Circuit Test Level Vulcan Cable Cleat Spacing
104kA 600mm
132kA 300mm

Eliis Patents Vulcan+ cable cleats have a unique compact design so they can be easily installed to cable contaiment, even when space is limited. Vulcan+ stainless steel cable cleats are available in multiple sizes with range-taking capability to suit trefoil, single, quad or bundled cables.

Manufactured in Type 316L stainless steel, Vulcan offer excellent protection against the harshest environmental conditions - to protect and cushion the cables during short-circuit conditions, the cable cleat includes an integral Low Smoke and Fume Zero Halogen Polymeric liner and base pad for LSF cable installations.

Ellis Patents recommend fixing Vulcan VRT+ cleats using one 10mm bolt for sizes 00 to 09, and one or two 10mm bolts for sizes 10 to 20. For a more economical installation, cable cleats can be spaced more widely, with a retention strap fitted in between.

LUL - London Underground Compliant Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleats to Engineering Standard 1-085, Product Register No. 361 - LUL approved LSF (Low Smoke Fume) zero halogen flame retardant nylon has satisifed LUL limited oxygen, smoke emission and toxic fume emissions tests.

Ellis Patents Vulcan Cleat VRT+11

Video : Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleat Test - Trefoil Formation Cable Cleats On Cablofil Cable Basket


VRT+11 Ellis Vulcan Stainless Steel Cable Cleats


VRT+11 Ellis Vulcan Stainless Steel Cable Cleats - Instruction

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