Elevated Cable Channel (GRC)

Elevated Cable Channel (GRC)

GRC Cable Trough

Elevated channel for rail cables is made from GRC and supplied in 3 metre lengths with internal channel dimensions of 160mm wide x 135mm deep - GRC elevated cable channel is supplied complete with lids held in place by interlocking H piece or locking brackets.BCM

GRC elevated cable channel systems are easily handled and installed - 3 metre elevated cable channel with lids weighs 38kgs. Channel bends, T pieces and joint boxes are available to support the elevated channel system. GRC elevated cable channel carries Network Rail PADS approval for trackside rail cable containment.


GRC Elevated Cable Channel - Product Offering

BCM Part Number Rail Industry Category Number Product Type Length (m)
BCM C/04/03 4/090770 elevated cable channel 3
BCM C/04/04CL 4/090771 elevated cable lid 3
BCM C/04/05 4/090775 elevated channel bend 1.5
BCM C/04/06CL 4/090776 elevated channel bend lid 1.5
BCM C/09/03 4/090782 T Piece for elevated channel 1.6
BCM C/09/04CL 4/090783 lid for elevated T Piece 1.6
BCM C/09/01 4/090780 joint box for elevated channel 1.9
BCM C/09/02CL 4/090781 lid for elevated joint box 1.9

GRC Elevated Cable Channel - Steelwork

Pictured : Elevated Channel. Providing cable support to lineside rail cables protected by GRC cable trough.

Elevated Channel


Elevated Cable Channel (GRC) - Network Rail PADS Approved

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