GRC Cable Trough & Elevated Channel

GRC Cable Trough & Elevated Channel

Cable Trough 

Elevated Channel

GRC Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Network Rail Approved



GRC cable trough and elevated channel system has full Network Rail approval allowing continuous rail cable runs to be installed at ground level, over bridges and through tunnels.BCM

GRC cable trough systems includes lightweight, easily installed ground and elevated channel and a supporting range of rail cabling accessories including "T" pieces, joint boxes, channel bends, asbestos replacement channel and concrete replacement and substitute lids.

GRC cable trough is the UK Network Rail standard for elevated troughing and trackside troughing of low voltage, high voltage power, signalling and telecomms cables. Standard sizes available C/1/7 up to C/1/43 

Pictured : GRC Cable Trough. Elevated cable trough for the protection of rail signalling, communications and power cables. The new design cable trough and elevated channel overcomes E&P and S&T issues including finger trapping, lid “popping” and cable troughs dropping between posts.

GRC Cable Trough


GRC Cable Trough & Channel for Rail Cable Containment, Benefits

  • Lightweight - 20% of the weight of concrete cable trough
  • Longer trough lengths - easier and quicker to install than concrete trough
  • Stronger - no breakages
  • Workable - with standard hand tools
  • Fire resistant cable trough - Network Rail approved
  • Easy access GRC cable trough for difficult locations
  • Rust and rot proof - lifetime guarantee
  • Shatter proof - no broken cable trough lids when dropped

GRC Cable Trough & Channel - Lightweight

GRC cable trough is 20% the weight of pre cast concrete cable trough offering faster unloading, faster site delivery, faster stringing out of cable trough and faster installation. GRC cable troughing can be installed quicker than concrete cable trough saving rail contractors time and money on trackside cable laying and containment projects.

The GRC cable channel lightweight construction allows four man teams to install GRC channel at twice the speed of traditional concrete cable trough.

GRC Cable Trough - Product Offering

BCM Part Number Rail Industry Category Number Cable Trough Length (m) Internal Width (mm) Internal Depth (mm)  Weight Inc. Lid (kg)
C/1/7 4/090811 2 130 130 28
C/1/8 4/090812 2 150 210 34
C/1/9 4/090813 2 190 130 34
C/1/10 4/090814 2 250 130 36
C/1/29 4/090815 2 390 125 48
C/1/43 4/090816 2 350 300 64


Pictured: Cable Troughs supplied to Network Rail and London Underground 

Cable Troughs supplied to Network Rail and London Underground

Video : GRC Cable Troughing - Channel Connector 


GRC Cable Trough - Elevated Cable Trough & Channel


GRC Cable Trough Channel - Specification

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