Zone 1 Fluorescent Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - Ex d - Petrel Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire

Zone 1 Fluorescent Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - Ex d - Petrel Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire

Zone 1 Fluorescent

Zone 1 Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - Ex d - Petrel Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire

Petrel hazardous area (ATEX certified) Zone 1 lighting is extensively specified for Ex d lighting applications - Petrel hazardous area emergency fluorescent luminaires for Zone 1 lighting feature high impact resistant lens, anodised marine grade aluminium, 50,000 hour electronic ballast, EOL lamp protection and vibration resistance.

Petrel Hazardous Area Zone 1 Lighting (ATEX) - Ex d
Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire for Hazardous Area Lighting

Robust hazardous area emergency fluorescent lighting luminaires are suitable for Zone 1 gas andZone 1 Fluorescent Hazardous Area Lighting ATEX Certified dust environments - the Petrel hazardous area emergency lighting luminaires are extremely versatile allowing a wide range of single lamps to be fitted from 8 watts - T5 to 58 watts - T8. ATEX Ex d emergency fluorescent luminaires featuring 3 hour duration emergency are fitted with integral batteries and charging units for ease of fitting and maintenance - Petrel hazardous area Zone 1 emergency fluorescent luminaires are made from high impact resistant polycarbonate and high specification marine grade aluminium anodised and painted - SIRA certified.  

Hazardous Area, Zone 1 Certification : EEx d II 2 G IIB or IIC T5 or T4 

Zone 1 Hazardous Area – A potentially explosive atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally. 10 to 1000 hours/year.

Zone 1 Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - Ex d - Petrel Fluorescent Luminaire


Easily compatible - 24V to 254V available
50/60Hz compatible
Can be used in high ambient temperatures (up to 55°C)


Through wiring (loop in, loop out) installation option (not 8W).

Single lamp versions: 7108/S1/EM/M (1x8W, Maintained), 7108/S1/EM/NM (1x8W, Non-Maintained), 7118/S2/EM/M (1x18W, Maintained), 7136/S4/EM/M (1x36W, Maintained), 7158/S5/EM/M (1x58W, Maintained).

Twin lamp versions: 7208/S1/EM/S (2x8W, Sustained), 7218/S2/EM/M (2x18W, Maintained), 7236/S4/EM/M (2x36W, Maintained), 7258/S5/EM/M (2x58W, Maintained).

Sizes: S1 1x8W, 2x8W (448mm, 1ft). S2 1x18W, 2x18W (752mm, 2ft). S4 1x36W, 2x36W (1449mm, 4ft). S5 1x58W, 2x58W (1749mm, 5ft).


230v 50/60Hz Check for alternative voltages. Suitable for central battery operation. -20°C to +55°C standard supply subject to lamp and ambient temperature combinations. 8w (T5), 18w, 36w, 58w, (lamps not provided).


Thorne & Derrick UK are official stockists and distributors for the Petrel Explosion Proof andZone 1 Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - Ex d - Petrel Fluorescent Luminaire Hazardous Area Lighting ranges for Zone 1 and Zone 2 lighting installations with ATEX certification – this includes hazardous area fluorescent, bulkhead, floodlight and wellglass lighting. EX Lighting Products from Petrel Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment : Ex de Well Glass, Ex d Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire, Ex de Bulkhead, Ex de Zone 1 Floodlight, Zone 2 Floodlight, Ex ed Standard & Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire, Zone 2 Standard & Emergency Fluorescent Luminaire, Ex d Fluorescent Luminaire, Zone 2 Bulkhead Luminaire, Ex ed Recessed Zone 1 Fluorescent Luminaire.


Petrel - ATEX Ex d & Ex de Hazardous Area Lighting, Enclosures & Starters Zone 1 Zone 2


Zone 1 Hazardous Area Lighting (ATEX) - Explosion Proof Lighting - Petrel


Zone 1 Lighting, Hazardous Area (ATEX) - EEx d - Petrel Emergency Flourescent Luminaire

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