Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable Transits

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Roxtec Cable Transits


Roxtec Ex hazardous area cable transit and cable sealing system is certified according to the ATEX directive for installation in areas where explosive atmospheres occur.

Roxtec Ex e cable transits and seals for cables and pipes are designed to prevent ignition of explosive atmospheres in hazardous areas.

Typical cable transit and sealing applications are Ex e and Ex tD classified electrical enclosures, transformers, motors, generators and junction boxes. 

Roxtec hazardous area cable transits with Ex e protection ensures Increased Safety and Ex tD ensures protection by enclosure for explosive dust atmospheres. 

Pictured: Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Ex cable transits and cable seals cover a wide variety of seals to handle different cable sizes and openings.

Roxtec hazardous area transits are approved for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 for gas (including vapour and mist) and Zone 21 and Zone 22 for dust.

Roxtec & ATEX Directive: 

Directive 94/9/EC is commonly referred to as the ATEX electrical products directive.

The objective is to eliminate or minimise the risks resulting from the use of certain electrical equipment in a potentially explosive atmosphere

All Roxtec EX cable transit frames and seals are clearly marked in accordance with the ATEX directive.

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