Roxtec Cable & Pipe Transits for Nuclear Industry

Roxtec Cable & Pipe Transits for Nuclear Industry

Roxtec Cable & Pipe Transits for Nuclear Industry


Roxtec UK has increased its sales of cable transits into the nuclear sector.

Roxtec flexible seals will be used to protect cabling and pipes against fire, gas and water at nuclear power generation plants, research facilities and military establishments. 

Roxtec cable transit seals have been used to seal power cables and utility systems into new and decommissioned buildings and have also sealed data and telecoms cables into such areas as data rooms. 

Thorne & Derrick UK are approved suppliers to British Energy (EDF Energy) and can offer on-site training services to support the installation of Roxtec cable transits.

Roxtec provides the nuclear power industry with complete solutions for cable and pipe sealing, for new-build as well as existing plants.

Pictured: Roxtec Cable & Pipe Transits for Nuclear Industry

Roxtec Cable & Pipe Transits for Nuclear Industry

Standardisation with Roxtec seals means efficient design, quick installation, certified protection and built-in spare capacity.

The Roxtec transit and sealing system can be divided into two main groups based on capabilities and performance:

  • Building structures
  • Cabinets and enclosures 

The Roxtec sealing system protects against fire, dust, gas and water.

The flexible seals are adaptable to varying sizes of cables and pipes through Multidiameter™ - an invention based on sealing modules with removable layers.

Easy retrofit and upgrading

The Roxtec solution allows for easy retrofit and replacement as well as adding new cables. Another feature that facilitates maintenance and modifications is the built-in spare capacity.

You can open up the Roxtec seal, add cables or pipes and then close the opening again. This work can be done quickly, without spare parts, whenever the need occurs.

The spare capacity is perfect for plants designed for an operational lifetime of up to 60 years.

The future included feature is appreciated by owners, designers and installers whenever new regulations or needs call for upgrades.

Global availability

Roxtec has proven to be an excellent partner in worldwide nuclear power plant projects, where Roxtec seals are used to keep down costs and maximize uptime.

Using Roxtec as a standard is advantageous on the world market.

As a designer, you can choose a safe system and as an installer you are always provided with a practical and adaptable solution that meets safety requirements.

Roxtec benefits

  • Cost-effective design
  • Quick installation
  • Certified protection
  • Easy inspection
  • Future capacity included 

Successful worldwide

Roxtec is the world-leading supplier of modular-based cable and pipe sealing solutions for structures and enclosures.

The Roxtec sealing system is used as a standard solution in industries all over the world to ensure safety and long-term reliability.

The pioneering cable and pipe seals are the base for the company's rapid and sustainable growth, but the positive trend is first of all built on committed people, strong values and customer focus.

Research and development

Roxtec's headquarters are situated in Karlskrona, Sweden, where you find extensive R&D resources at the design and engineering department and the technical centre with advanced test laboratories.

The production and logistics centres are also located in the same facilities.

Focusing on customer needs

The close co-operation with customers and the tightness within the Roxtec organization create excellent conditions for continuous improvement.

The dialogue enables Roxtec to tailor new sealing solutions for customers. The company's commitment to quality through the entire process is reflected in the performance of special tests of customised solutions for customer projects.

Global activities

Roxtec is serving and supporting customers in more than 70 markets through 14 subsidiaries and a network of local distributors. The company stores products on all continents for fast and reliable supply.

Design tools and services

Roxtec is also tailoring solutions to make it easy for customers to design efficiently for future needs.

Roxtec has developed the Roxtec Transit Manager, a design and planning software, and also a range of installation tools.

To help ensure the correct use of their cable and pipe seals, Roxtec offers on-site installation training all over the world.

The Roxtec sealing system

The Roxtec sealing system is used for cable and pipe penetrations in building structures, enclosures, cabinets, gantries, technical shelters etc. in industries such as power generation, telecom, marine, oil and gas and construction. It protects people and investments and ensures functionality.

Depending on the choice of product, the seals can protect against water, fire, gas, pressure and chemicals as well as sand, dust and dirt.

It can prevent damage from pull-out, blast load, vibrations, noise and electro-magnetic interference and keep out snakes, pests and rodents.

Easy to use

The sealing system consists of three main components; frame, modules and compression unit. With six basic modules, it is possible to seal cables from 4mm to 99mm in diameter.

The modules are inserted around cables or pipes in frames, which are bolted, welded or cast into the structure.

The Roxtec frames are available in different shapes and materials, such as lightweight composite and metal, as well as for different applications.

The system is sealed with a Roxtec wedge or a frame integrated compression unit, tightly compressing the modules.

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