Zone 1 Hazardous Area Lighting for Offshore Oil & Gas - Hadar Lighting

Zone 1 Hazardous Area Lighting for Offshore Oil & Gas - Hadar Lighting

LED Floodlight Zone 1 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

Hadar Lighting, Zone 1 Hazardous Area Lighting




Offshore oil and gas applications, whether these be fixed platforms, mobile drilling rigs or FPSO’s and other vessels, present particular challenges for hazardous area lighting with most areas being classified as Zone 1.ATEX

Health & Safety considerations are critical offshore whilst, in addition, offshore rigs and vessels are often operating in environmentally hostile environments with corrosive sea air and extreme temperatures.

The high cost of shut down for such operations means specifiers and engineers must have 100% confidence in their hazardous area lighting systems.


Installation / Application

Area 1: Helidecks Hadar Lighting HDL103

Ex em hazardous area LED luminaire lighting available in Green (Helidecks), Red (Obstruction) or White (general lighting). Hadar HDL103 can be set on installation for constant light output or flashing.

The LED technology should give the unit 100,000 hours of life (10 yr). Low output, low maintenance Zone 1 hazardous area lighting.

Area 2: Derricks/Communication Masts Hadar Lighting HDL 106

Ex em LED luminaire/floodlight represents the future of hazardous area lighting.

Hadar Lighting HDL106 weighing only 6.0 kg yet can generate as much illumination as a much larger input SON or MBI alternative.

  • Instant on / off low power with 100,000 hours life expectancy
  • Vibration resistant
  • Fit and forget hazardous area Zone 1 illumination
  • Emergency variant available
  • Linkable to give larger outputs
  • Available in wide, medium or narrow beam pattern

Area 3: Production Areas Hadar Lighting HDL 108 and 109

Ex em hazardous area bulkhead luminaires are ideal for exit signs – wall or ceiling mounted.

On the emergency version one fluorescent lamp remains on at reduced output. Can be operated maintained or non-maintained in Zone 1.

Area 4: Deck/Walkway Lighting Hadar Lighting HDL 100

Ex em hazardous area fluorescent luminaire for overhead and handrail mounting, the HDL 100 courtesy of its full length built in unistrut mounting channel, offers an unparalleled variety of mounting options.

With quick and easy isolation, free re-lamping, light weight and rugged short gasket design the Hadar HDL100 ticks all the boxes for hazardous area lighting versatility in Zone 1.

Area 5: Living Quarters Hadar Lighting HDL 102

Fluorescent recessed hazardous area lighting luminaire – Ex em recessed luminaire incorporating the latest “End of life” (EoL) protection circuit ballast.

Hadar Lighting HDL102 luminaires are designed to fit exposed ‘T’ and concealed ‘T’ modular ceilings.

Area 6: Portable Units Hadar Lighting HDL 105

Portable EX em Luminaire can be supplied direct with cable entries or with plugs and sockets to allow luminaires to be instantly linked in series.

Emergency variants are available and the unit comes in a variety of sizes, combinations and plug and cable options.

Magnetic fixing brackets and a variety of other fitting options are available for this hazardous area Zone 1 portable lighting.

Area 7: Fabrication Bays Hadar Lighting HDL 113-133

Ex ed or Ex de hazardous area wellglass versatile units that can accept a variety of voltage and lamping options. Designed in marine grade aluminium offering simple and straightforward maintenance.

Unique in its internal flamepaths which eliminate the risk of corrosion for reliable Zone 1 hazardous area lighting.

Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting is a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area lighting for the oil, gas, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, offshore and marine industries worldwide offering the design and production of lighting products for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22, Gas and Dust - this includes ATEX and IEC Ex Explosion Proof Exe & Ex d Lighting ranges : fluorescent, recessed, helideck, LED floodlight, bulkhead and well glass.


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