LED Floodlight Zone 1 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

LED Floodlight  Zone 1 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

Hadar Lighting - LED Hazardous Area Lighting



ATEX IECEx LED Hazardous Area Floodlight



Hadar Lighting - Hazardous Area Lighting Zones 1 & 2 (ATEX)

ATEX Hazardous Area Bulkhead Zone 1 Lighting

Hadar Lighting HDL103 LED Bulkhead Luminaire range for ATEX Hazardous Area Lighting is available in Green (Helidecks), Red (Obstruction) or White (General Lighting).

Hadar Lighting HDL103 luminaire can be set on installation for constant light output or flashing - LED technology provides the lighting unit 100,000 hours of life (10 yr).

Hadar Lighting Zone 1 LED luminaires are low power consumption and low maintenance.

Hadar Lighting hazardous area bulkhead luminaires are certified to Zone 1, II 2GD Ex emb II,T4/T5/T6.

Hadar Lighting HDL106 LED Floodlight range for ATEX Hazardous Area Lighting weighs only 6.0 kg yet can generate as much illumination as a much larger input SON or MBI alternative lighting unit.

Hadar Lighting HDL106 hazardous area luminaire features instant on / off, low power consumption and 100,000 hours life expectancy.

Hadar hazardous area bulkhead luminaires are certified to Zone 1, II 2GD Ex emb, T4.

Hadar Lighting HDL108 & HDL109 Bulkhead Lighting ranges are ideal for Zone 1 recessed and luminaire Fire Exit Signs – wall or ceiling mounted in ATEX Hazardous areas.

On the Emergency Version one fluorescent lamp remains on at reduced output.

Hadar hazardous area bulkhead luminaires are certified to Zone 1, II 2GD Ex emb II, T3.

Pictured: LED Floodlight  Zone 1 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting

Hadar LED Hazardous Area Lighting Range

NEWS 2011 -  Hadar Lighting Hazardous Area Zone 1 LED Floodlights

KJVG (Kellogg Joint Venture Group Gorgon) have specified exclusively Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting's innovative HDL106 LED Zone 1 floodlights for the hazardous area lighting for Australia’s, and one of the world's, largest natural gas developments, The Gorgon Project.

A-Belco Group CEO, Brian Trench, commented, “The hazardous area floodlights produce purer light, weigh less, last far longer than traditional sodium or halogen equivalents, have no warm up period and have an expected lifespan in excess of 10 years without any maintenance in line with industry’s preferred ‘fit and forget’ requirements.

In addition, power consumption of the new floodlights is approximately 40% of traditional equivalent, with various beam dispersal patterns of between 10 degrees and 120 degrees meaning the light goes where it’s designed to go rather than being wasted."

Gorgon is one of the world's largest natural gas projects and the largest single resource natural gas project in Australia's history.

The scheme will develop the Greater Gorgon Area gas fields, located about 130 kilometres off the north-west coast of Western Australia in water depths of up to 4,300ft.

Gas is collected via sub-sea wellheads and piped to gas processing and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) shipping facilities on Barrow Island.

Carbon Dioxide (which accounts for some 13% of the gas stream) is then stripped out and injected into formations deep below the island whilst LNG and gas condensate is offloaded via a deep water jetty to onto LNG carriers and oil tankers, for delivery to overseas customers. 

Pictured: The Gorgon Project - Western Australia 

The Gorgon Project - Western Australia


LED Floodlight Zone 1 (ATEX) - Hadar Hazardous Area Lighting - Spec Sheet

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