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Offshore Cable Cleats for Shipbuilding & Marine Industry

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Cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis Patents, has turned the tables on the international trend for cheaply manufactured products from the Far East being sold into the UK by securing a significant order from China.

Ellis Patents Emperor Cable Cleats have been recently specified by COSCO Engineering for installation on the Vantage Drilling Company’s new drill ship, the Dalian Developer.

The order for offshore cable cleats was secured as a result of the company’s persuasive technical argument, which highlights the vital importance of correctly tested and specified cable cleats for clamping, retaining and supporting low and high voltage cables.

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Tony Conroy, the export sales manager for Ellis, explains: “The growth in cheaply manufactured cleats has certainly muddied the picture in recent times, but we have always remained confident that our approach would eventually see our technically superior products come to the fore in China.

Ellis’ technical approach has brought the company widespread global success and itEllis Emperor Offshore Cable Cleatss cable cleats are now used in a number of major projects in the oil, gas and power generation industries including Lusail City in Qatar and the Kashagan project in Kazakhstan.

“It certainly seems like Ellis Patents technical and safety based message is really striking home,” continued Conroy.

“People now know that underspecified cable cleats can pose serious safety issues. And when you consider the amount of money some of the projects we’re working on are worth you certainly wouldn’t want to be the specifier who cut costs by ordering cable cleats that were simply not suitable for the job.”

The $500million Dalian Developer is being built at COSCO’s Dalian shipyard in China and is due for completion in July 2012.

It is a MPF 1000 6th Generation Ultra Deepwater Drillship for use in harsh environments, has a hull size of 291m x 50m, and is designed to drill wells at ultradeep water depths up to 10,000ft and drilling depths exceeding 30,000ft.


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