Ellis Patents Cable Cleats, Emperor Trefoil Cleats for Nuclear Industry

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats, Emperor Trefoil Cleats for Nuclear Industry

Ellis Patents - Emperor Stainless Steel Cables Cleats

Stainless Steel Cable Cleats 316L

Ellis Emperor Cleats

Market leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis Patents has been chosen by AREVA NP GmbH for the qualification and delivery of its Emperor trefoil cable cleats and Protect intermediate straps for OL3 – a new Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR) currently being built in Finland.

Areva, a world leader in the design and construction of nuclear power plants, and the supply of fuel, maintenance and modernization services, selected Ellis Patents due to its good cable cleats products, proven technical expertise and substantial industrial references.

ATEXFurthermore, the Emperor cable cleats and cable straps, which will be used for bundling single core cables, were deemed to be easy to assemble and have good ageing resistance. 

Richard Shaw, MD of Ellis Patents, said: “This is a significant specification in its own right, but is hopefully only the tip of the iceberg as the EPR is a model developed by Areva NP, EDF and Siemens AG, the blueprint of which the companies intend to use for all future power stations they are contracted to build.

In order to secure the specification Ellis Patents’ Emperor cable cleats were short-circuit tested to demonstrate their suitability for the installation.

Pictured : OL3 Finland - Nuclear Power Plant (Source TVO) where Ellis Patents Emperor cable cleats have been installed to provide effective cable restraint for power cables.

Pictured : OL3 Finland - Nuclear Power Plant (Source TVO)

“The importance of cable cleats is often underestimated, and we are delighted that Areva and the other EPR partners were willing to listen to us and specify suitable product for this installation,” added Richard.

“The sooner everyone else appreciates that all an under specified cable cleat will do in a short circuit scenario is create more shrapnel the better, and safer, for us all.”

Ellis Patents’ Emperor cable cleats are designed for use where the highest levels of short circuit withstand are required, and are available for both trefoil and single cable applications.

All cable cleat products in the range are manufactured in type 316 stainless steel, meaning they provide ultimate corrosion protection, even in the harshest of environments

The benefits of the Emperor cleats also extend to a unique, patented design, which makes installation quick and easy, and an integral LSF zero halogen polymeric liner and base pad that protects and cushions cables during short circuit conditions.

Emperor Trefoil Cable Cleats

Emperor Cable Cleats - the Emperor cleat is a high specification cable cleat for highest short-circuit withstand performance when clamping, retaining and cleating low and high voltage cable powers, including LV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV and Triplex cables.

Emperor cable cleats are used as trefoil cable cleats (ES) for installing single-core cables in trefoil formation, installing single-way cables (ES) and multi-core power cables.

Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel for cleating cables in the marine, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

LSF zero halogen protection liners are included within the standard cable cleat - Emperor cleats accept up to 128mm in trefoil cable formation and up to 150mm in single way cable formation.

Stainless steel Emperor cable cleats are compliant with London Underground Engineering Standard 1-085 Product Register No.362.

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Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Emperor Cable Cleats (Single)


Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Emperor Cable Cleats (Trefoil)

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