Cable Cleaning

Cable  Cleaning

Cable cleaning solvents have been used in electrical utilities for numerous applications over many years for both low (LV) and high (HV) cable applications.  Cable cleaning solvents are used to address a series of LV-HV requirements in the field of electrical network installation and maintenance, cable jointing, cable terminating and cable repair etc.  Trichloroethane, part of the CFC family of solvents, was universally used.  Trichloroethane proved to be ideal for electrical cable cleaning since it has a very high flash point, high dielectric strength, evaporates quickly and cleans effectively.  CFCs were marked for production and use phase-out due to concerns over the depletion of the Ozone Layer and Trichloroethane production was halted in the US on January 1st, 1996. 

Substitution programmes were originally introduced in the US in the 1990’s with mixed results as no set guidelines or standards of conformance were set down. As a result, there was initially a limited acceptance and reluctance to change as solvent replacements which met the necessary Health & Safety and environmental criteria, were generally slow evaporating, high flash point products with some liquid forms proving difficult to use due to slow drying times.

In 1996 the IEEE Insulated Conductor Committee issued recommendations for cable solvent replacements tying together the requirements of products to satisfy Performance, Environmental, Health & Safety and Transport & Storage Issues.  In the late 1990’s, the impregnated cable wipe system was developed from the necessity to provide a non spill solution for using a slow evaporating solvent at an economic price where the operating method did not hamper the speed of work and was acceptable to field utility operatives. Today many utilities are adopting solvent impregnated wipe systems to replace traditional loose liquid cleaning solvents.

PT Technologies Europe has been to the forefront in Europe in the development and introduction of the impregnated cable wipe cleaning system.  One product in particular, PF Solvent, is designed to IEEE Recommendations and is  widely used and approved within the Power Industry.  From the evolution of PF Solvent to meet the IEEE Recommendations for solvent cleaning, it has been evaluated, tested and proven to meet the performance and compatibility standards of leading utilities, cable and accessory manufacturers in both the US and Europe. PF Solvent is available in liquid and impregnated wipes, including single wipe sachets specifically designed for cable cleaning applications and cable jointing kits.

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