3M Cold Shrink Short Termination Fits in Small Places

3M Cold Shrink Short Termination Fits in Small Places

3M Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Short Terminations QTIII 762X-T-95 Series are designed for faster installation in limited-space enclosures for 2kV-8kVapplications where a standard-length termination won’t fit. They also help meet new NEC Code requirements. These 8.5-inch terminations are easy to install, provide reliable performance and can help an installation project stay on schedule and save money by reducing the need for wiring design modifications.

3M 762X-T-95 series terminations can be used in a wide variety of applications, including motors and starters, switchgear, variable speed drives, transformers, and other, similar, limited-space situations. They can be used in indoor (weather-protected) locations, free-hanging or bracket-mounted arrangements or upright/inverted installations.

The 3M Cold Shrink Short Terminations QT-III have a wide conductor range for 95 BIL-rated 2kV-8kV applications. Built-in Hi-K semicon step-filling compound and built-in top sealing compound mean simpler installation with fewer errors. The high-K stress design delivers excellent BIL performance and lower surface stress, resulting in a more compact termination.

This new 3M product has been tested to IEEE 48 standards, and the results meet or exceed all performance criteria. They are also compliant with the NEC Code, which now requires shielding for cables used for applications of 2400 volts and above.

3M developed cold shrink technology 40 years ago and has used it as the basis for a growing number of innovative products. Cold shrink terminations and splices are easier to install than other products and help reduce risks to workers because they do not require a torch.

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