Prysmian Trefoil Cleats - 375AB Series Dutchclamp Trefoil Cleats (27-118mm)

Prysmian Dutchclamp trefoil cable cleats are suitable for cables in trefoil groups with cable diamPrysmian Dutchclamps - Trefoil Cable Cleats & Clampseters of 27-118mm for mounting low, medium and high voltage cables.

Prysmian Dutchclamp Trefoil Cable Cleats
Manufactured from high strength glass filled polyamide 6
No sharp edges i.e.- no danger of damaging the cable or installer
Highly range taking cleats - able to accommodate loosley toleranced cables.
Only 5 sizes in the range covering 27-118mm
Non magnetic cable cleats
Halogen free and flame retardent cleats - ideal for tunnels and buildings V-0
Weather resistant to oils, acids, salts and other aggressive materials
Resistant to ionizing radiation - ideal for use in nuclear power plants
Fully recyclable cable cleats
Stackable cable cleats
Tested by UL, Kema, Eaton and Centrilab
Expected cable cleat life of over 40 years +

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Adobe TD UK LV-HV Industrial Electrical Eqpt Distributor

Adobe Trefoil Cleats, Size 1 - 27-38mm - Prysmian Dutchclamp U375AB01

Adobe Trefoil Cleats, Size 2 - 38-51mm - Prysmian Dutchclamp U375AB02

Adobe Trefoil Cleats, Size 3 - 51-69mm - Prysmian Dutchclamp U375AB03

Adobe Trefoil Cleats, Size 4 - 69-90mm - Prysmian Dutchclamp U375AB04

Adobe Trefoil Cleats, Size 5 - 90-118mm - Prysmian Dutchclamp U375AB05

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Adobe Prysmian Dutchclamp Polyamide Trefoil Cable Cleats