Prysmian BICON Multicleats 378AB51 24-34mm

Prysmian Multicleats 378AB01 24-34mm

Prysmian Multicleats

316 Stainless Steel Cable Cleats


Prysmian BICON Multicleats 378AB51 - stainless steel (316) cable cleat provides LV-HV cable clamping and cable support for single, trefoil and bundled cable runs up to 34mm outside diameter.

Pictured: Prysmian Multicleats 378AB51 24-34mmPrysmian Multicleats 378AB51

Prysmian Multicleats 378AB51 - Specification
Design No for aluminium alloy plain bases Trefoil Cable Dia (mm) Single Cable Dia (mm)
Heavy 378AB51 Min Max Min Max
Multicleat 51 24 34 36 65



Multicleats provide short-circuit retention of LV-HV cables under fault conditions - the Multistrap provides intermediate cable restraint between cable cleats when clamping cable to cable containment.

To support the installation of high voltage power cables, T&D also supply 11kV Cable Terminations for connection to transformers, switchgear and motors. 



Adobe Prysmian BICC BICON Multicleats 378AB51 - Stainless Steel Trefoil Single Cable Cleats

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 Prysmian BICON Multicleats 378AB51 24-34mm